Listen to this! Sword Art Online ED 2…

So I (finally) finished Sword Art Online. Its OP 2 and ED 2 are so awesome, they’ve gotta be one of the best i’ve ever heard! And because I liked them so much, I kinda transcribed (in the most noob and improper fashion) ED 2, Overfly, and played it on the piano. So… here it is. Watch it please? Pretty pretty please? xD

HAHA SO. I know it ain’t that good, and there’re many mistakes, especially at the end, but I really love this song! If you want to hear the really good OP, you should listen to Tehlshter. This guy rocks. I actually wanted to play the OP, so I clicked on his transcription and was like “COOL. BUT HELL NO.” My piano skills aren’t that good and I take ages to learn a piece. So that was way too hard for me!

And thus I spent the whole of yesterday’s afternoon churning out…

The noob transcription! Click that link if you actually want to see it, but be warned that there’s nothing musically proper about it. No time or key signature, didn’t write out the left hand, and many things are wrong but I think it’s understandable. (hopefully!) I put all those sharps next to the notes instead of writing a key signature because my brain works really slowly and I need to see the sharp there if I want to play it. So.. this is just the basic layer, I guess I just sort of added stuff and played it slightly better. So I hope that this may help any fellow amateur!

Okay moving on to the OST, (haha sorry I know i’m linking everything but they’re damn good!) it was so badass and serious and such a good soundtrack. SAO has really impressive music. You know i’m always amazed at how music is so universal. Play a major key, and it sounds normal, happy. Play a minor key, and it sounds sad. Why?? I’ve never understood any underlying reason for that. Music just freely generates universal emotions among every human. As for SAO’s OST, it definitely sounds like an action soundtrack, full of grandiose, and you can literally hear hope and determination mixed in it. *Exaggerated sigh* Anime songs are always so cool.

Moving on to the actual anime, I know I dropped it for awhile, but who wouldn’t like SAO?! It’s entertaining, and that alone makes it worthwhile. A very interesting concept, very idealized characters with wonderful visuals– man, i’d play Sword Art Online anytime. If technology ever advances that far.

Hoho. Kirito is not exceptionally good-looking and he’s actually comparatively short next to Asuna, but he’s got boyish good looks and a really laid-back, genuinely kind, and fun personality that I love!

Actually, I should be damning Sword Art Online for it’s dark seduction. This temptress has veered me from my righteous course of studying! Now I still don’t know how to do trigonometry. Sigh. But at least I really enjoy the time spent on watching the anime and playing that piece. But I feel stressed now, and extremely weighed down. It’s my last year before entering Junior College and the lessons are packed with difficult content, plus all the teachers are so demanding. Even so…

Guess who’s the class chairperson? ;) I’m surprised too!

ANYWAY! Something I thought was hilarious was Kirito’s overwhelming determination– so much, that he came back from the dead and materialized and fought Healthcliff and won. Lol. Typical shounen character xD And some say he’s overpowered, but duh he has to triumph in the end and there’s only 25 episodes, so Kirito has to hurry up and win right?! Haha. In all, I enjoyed the story. I liked the characters. (omg Suguha. You were great)

Obligatory kiss for the perfect ending. But then look at those swords… it’s almost like saying Kirito X Suguha \o/ Okay that’s all! I’ll be moving on and watching the winter anime’13 when i’m free! Hope you liked that piano piece..


4 thoughts on “Listen to this! Sword Art Online ED 2…

  1. smilecalm

    Thanks for sharing your piano playing. Had not heard that nice piece before. I uploaded my own song “I feel safe with you here” the other day. May you be well.

  2. Rei

    Yay, another piano piece! And you transcribed that yourself? Damn, that’s awesome (though I can’t judge much since I cannot read a music piece very well myself, heh)! How long did it take for you to transcribe that?

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Haha thanks! :P I took about one and a half hour for that, and an infinity to play the piece properly. Which made me feel bad because it wasn’t even that hard.. urgh I need to practice more someday..


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