More Romance And My Selfish Thoughts

I have returned, with more… shoujo. Oh shoujo! It is thee that bestows upon us young, fair maidens with multitudes of dreamy delusions, subtly drawing out our delicate emotions and tears with such innocuous and poignant tales. At the finale, the point where one story ends and the search for another begins, I can only feel saudade, such bitterness but also contentment.

…what’s up with that pretentious, flowery diction you say?! Do not be alarmed, farmer. It is merely an attempt, a valiant, honest effort at sounding cultured. Begone, vulgarities! Vocabulary, I shall uphold thee upon your righteous name! …okay I shall move on.

1. Amnesia

There is one golden rule that shoujos must adhere to. Especially when that particular shoujo decides to have the ‘bishounen’ tag on it, which leads to extremely high expectations. Even more so when fan art creates such an absolutely promising image of the anime. And need I mention that Amnesia gives off huge tidal wave-like vibes of a harem? THERE WAS SO MUCH HOPE. THERE WAS SO MUCH LOVE.

…Amnesia, you failed me. The first episode was rather boring though it got off to a good start with a beautiful OP. The first issue that bugged me was the supposed bishies. They simply weren’t appealing at all. And not only that, the visuals on the whole were very simple, flat, and un-detailed. Time to worship the picturesque world of Sword Art Online.

Look at that dude, Shin. I’m totally not impressed, he looks like an average, colored fan-art of some anime guy. And with his (unconcerned, cool) attitude, i’m betting 29 dollars that he’s ultimately gonna end up with our heroine, who is the only one looking pretty btw. Wasn’t this supposed to be the almighty Amnesia causing millions of heart attacks due to excessive and intensive heart palpitations?! I-I really expected more..

Like those bright and sparkly and cute shoujos. Instead, I get a gloomy setting with weird, seemingly two-dimensional characters (You either get the arrogant one, the caring one, or the mysterious one– all such rigid personalities). And there seems to be some supernatural stuff going on too.. For now there’s the usual development of fangirls of the hot guys bullying our dearest heroine. And so we are left to patiently uncover the secrets of the mysterious guys and their intertwined relationships. The story is not exactly bad, but it can’t capture my attention with such boring dialogue/scenes and the girl being so negative and depressed! And how the hell would the guys not realize that the girl has amnesia when she has totally forgotten their past together, and even lost the skill to make a parfait?! NINCOMPOOPS.

2. Atashi no Banbi

Nay, this one’s the opposite; a good read. Rather short, but it’s something about the way it’s presented that makes it enjoyable– the humor, relatable characters, the pureness– all these make a brilliant story. Plus I love it when the girl or guy doesn’t blindly fall in love with each other. They come to love each other over time.

3. Touhou Shinigami: Meteor Methuselah Gaiden

I actually put this off for a really long while because it was the prequel of Immortal Rain, which I didn’t enjoy in the past, and still can’t enjoy now. But I really loved this.

It was moving.. and had awfully impressive characters. Because of this, I once again endeavored to read Immortal Rain, but only held on for a sad five chapters. Reason: I disliked Machika. Let me rant for a bit. I think that tsunderes are cute. But only mild tsunderes. When you get a short brat, blushing hotly and yet loudly and vehemently proclaiming she doesn’t like the guy, it’s just…. bad. Self-denial, and embarrassing too because everyone knows, but you’re still denying for the sake of non-existiential pride. WAIT. I’m not saying that Machika is like that, but she really has that sort of personality. And she still wants to hunt Rain (Methuselah) down even though he saved her so many times and is obviously stronger than her. And her outfit with the yin-yang thing is ugly. Sorry….. I’m really adverse to that type of character.

aaand that’s all! I wonder when romance will reach me. It’s actually true that only the handsome guys catch my attention which is.. superficial? But I think it’s natural. After all, that’s just attraction and i’ll wait for someone I can really talk to, to be my partner.

My lovely boy, I call thee hither!


2 thoughts on “More Romance And My Selfish Thoughts

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Haha I dropped it at the first episode. Well that just shows that the anime was a bad production– it was adapted from an otome game so maybe she just went route after route for each of the guys. THAT SUCKS zz


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