Maoyuu Maou Yuusha And The Facepalm-Inducing Hero

Oh god, the Hero.

Look, look at that thing! I shall go on to elaborate more, but let me begin from the start of the anime…

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is actually pretty cool! I tried watching Sasami-san@Ganbaranai which seemed rather popular but I… could not appreciate the exquisite artistic value behind it. It just looked bad with a weird plot to me :( Anyway MaoYuu gives off Sword Art Online vibes, doesn’t it? The visuals are one thing I absolutely love, with ever-changing, detailed, pretty scenes and erm, rather appealing characters. The Hero is Kirito all over again, with his naive, kind, brave side, though he is not as impressive yet.

What’s with the first picture, looks right out of a Greek myth.. Which reminds me, up till now (the second episode), there’s no indication of what difference there is between humans or demons, although the Maou can supposedly turn humans into frogs, or so she claims, but I bet she’s jesting. If not wouldn’t her army turn the entire human population into frogs already..

Okay, now to the biggest issue I have with the anime: ROMANCE. No way. The romance segments of the anime were the only parts that made me cringe, it seemed so forced and our Hero is being too stupid! I guess I know why he’s a Hero– he’s so manipulatable but strong. And he is probably the object of all feminist’s hatred. When asked why he is not frightened of the Maou: “You’re weak… and a woman.” Wow, was that supposed to come off as chivalry from a gallant knight protecting women? Fine, I give him the benefit of the doubt since the anime seems set in somewhat medieval times.

Ah, boobs. Stop the sexual objectification of women please, or at least, remove the huge boobs. THEY DISTRACT ME SO MUCH– When she talks to him in one scene and moves around, trying to convince him, all I could notice was her jiggling, bouncing boobs. Have some pride, woman, and cover up. Then again, it could be an elaborate ploy of hers since she knows of the Hero’s naiveté; if flustering him using her jiggly-boob plan works by forcing him to see her as a vulnerable woman, then it would be an easy victory for her! Plus what’s with her insane amount of love for the Hero, was she spying on him before? It seems that the Hero fell in love with her appearances, then later by her kindness and gentle aspirations. But the Maou? How?

Oh, guys. *FACEPALM* It’s the second episode, ain’t your development too fast?! ..I’m feeling more of awkward tension than sexual tension. Let me now begin the rant on our Hero’s stupidity. Firstly, he has spent damn long fighting the war and witnessing many tragedies because of demons. For the twenty or so years of life, he only has one goal: To kill the Maou. Maou is within killable reach. Hero sees that Maou is a woman, drops entire guard, and is currently bound to her. The hell. I really wish that the Maou would somehow betray him and show him how foolish he had been.

And guess what, the Maou offers him 50% of the world and he refuses the offer. What then does he accept? Something 100% and whole, which is? Her. *FACEPALM* Now now, really? I don’t get why they have to do this, and why she promises to give her body (yeah sex) to him at the end. How is that even related. Isn’t all this just their horny desires? They could simply make a contract to stay together until the humans and demons are united……

Anyway, I thought that the plot was really interesting. So war is needed for mutual benefit, for food and resources to be given to countries that need it, and protection for the rest. And the human kings all know that. So why, why can’t the humans take it upon themselves to cooperate mutually, even without the war? Would they rather continue a pointless war and sacrifice innocents, when they could instead take measures to prevent starvation by themselves? Which is why they sent the ever-naive Hero to the Maou I guess? But it’s pretty true that most humans now only know how to wield a sword, and they wouldn’t be able to make a living outside of war (the dumb Hero included). So the Maou educating the masses on agricultural strategies is really good. But war is never good, and exploitation from war is really evil. Shouldn’t losses be made during a war anyway? I get that a lot money is being transferred from the Central Empire, but can an equal amount ever be regained since there’s so much expenses spent in war?

Haha, when the Maou said something about humans uniting as one against a common enemy, I thought about Lelouch (Code Geass). I hate to admit it, but she actually makes the most sense to me, since humans only start uniting when they face a huge, common threat and would revert back to their greedy and selfish selves once peace is attained. She’d be pretty cool if she didn’t have those oversized boobs, and if she stopped gushing or blushing around the Hero.

In all, I really like MaoYuu. I love anything that keeps me interested. The characters might be quite silly, but they’re endearing too, with their good traits. I’m sure that more cool characters from the demon and human sides will eventually appear.


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