The Day I Woke Up At 12 AM

You know how at times, when you fall asleep with a shitload of uncompleted work awaiting you, and your wise brain plus concerned conscience decides to wake you up at 12am to give you a chance of redemption, a chance to clear away those terrible assignments? Well, it happened to me, and I had the choice or doing either Physics homework or Math exercises or Chinese worksheets or an English quiz or a thousand other of such chores. So, what did I do?

…I read manga of course.

Sigh, I felt just like the time I created this blog months ago– unmotivated and shitty. Anime was like a refuge, but also a pitfall. Anyway, I was emotionally unstable and crying at even the stupidest shoujos I read (sounds crazy, I swear not all girls are like that) and I bet it wasn’t just because of the empathy I had for the characters– unconsciously, self-pity must have been mixed in too. Lets not dwell on my disappointing lifestyle and move on to some recommendations!

1. Game Over

This one was absolutely adorable! The second short story was really new, cool and lovely to read. This is a super short recommendation, but you must read it. Refreshing stories like these are welcome any time.

2. Renren Zakari

Another short and sweet story, this lighthearted romance is exactly the type of shoujo I love to read. Simple, cute and nice.

L-look at all those sparkles! That sexy guy in his sexy pose! No one hates bishies! Haha but I think i’m gonna graduate from reading shoujos soon. Nowadays, i’m moving on to different genres. Not that it won’t remain my staple diet.

3. Iris Zero

I hate myself for recommending this. I hate recommending uncompleted manga, especially when it’s too good, because there’s this pent-up frustration you get when you realize… that there’s no more chapters. NO MORE CHAPTERS, BITCHES!!! And there’s nothing you can do! But I’ll still recommend it for it’s awesomeness. Read it, and you’ll understand– it’s highly intriguing.

If I do this though, then I’ve gotta recommend all those webtoons! Heaven-sent lovelies that will not be completed, not in a long while. Oh Noblesse! Oh Kubera! Oh Orange Marmalade! Oh Tower of God! Oh Girls of the Wild! And even the manhua that made me want to go to Taiwan to buy the novel… Oh 1/2 Prince! Why are so many exquisite, delightful stories uncompleted?!

Oh.. but btw, recently, another charming shoujo, Houkago X Ponytail, got completed. Thank god for that, though I stumbled across another tempting one, Mielino Kashiwagi whose damned uncompleted status daunted me. Its special plot really enticed me though.

Can’t find a way to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend? These people will help do it for you.

Haha! It sounds so full of promise right? What a great plot! Of course I had to read it, and so do you. Which reminds me, I read this one sensei X student romance that was enjoyable and had really good art style….. then I chanced upon this scene.

LOL WTH DUDE. Is that supposed to be a sweet, romantic kiss foretelling an elusive but strong romance? That even though theirs is a forbidden love, they will make it happen? That was a dreadfully contorted-looking kiss.. Gosh sensei, how did ya manage that?!

Moving on, since i’m officially done, let me rant for a bit. Teenage girls are indecisive for the smallest matters, especially when it does matter. But when one makes a choice, a decision to go for it, she does it with a heart full of hope and joy. And it’s not nice to scold her relentlessly afterwards, with such an outraged expression and such a stern tone. And you never do stop. And it doesn’t work either, if you keep telling her to work harder while shouting every second at how disappointing she is. How can someone improve in such circumstances? Last week was a fairytale and this week was a disaster.

Oh god this is not a sob story, and one thing i’ve learnt is to hold your independence tight and not let other people affect you too much. Girls dream of a beautiful romance with a great guy, but perhaps there never will be such a perfect scenario. I’ve had enough, and i’m just gonna lie low and continue living. Love is an overtly romanticized concept, and I shall not fall into it’s lure for now. Live, and let live.

Maybe I just need to explore a bit more of the world, make a few more mistakes, and work harder. Maybe in the process i’ll find something special.

OH GOSH ENOUGH WITH THE EMO TEENAGE RANT THING! Haha sorry! Read those mangas okay? Don’t fall into the romance trap, but appreciate them and love them. I promise you won’t regret it.

P.S I’m sure everyone feels like a failure in life at some point in time. I do, now. But I guess we just have to buck up and learn to be a ninja and escape from this world. Jk. Just don’t give up like that, keep your options open, and pursue what you feel like pursuing. It will be fine. I think that what every human intrinsically hungers for though, is knowledge. Something they feel curious for, and the satisfaction obtained when they understand the world, even if it’s just a bit. Not that you can’t have more important interests and activities! Hope for the world, hope for the living yeah?!?! YEAH.


12 thoughts on “The Day I Woke Up At 12 AM

  1. no name

    Yay! Now that Houkago x Ponytail is finished, I can finally read it. I’ve had my hopes high until now, I’m looking forward to see it, and to see more of your recommendations too!

  2. Sonny

    Well you’ll see that everything will get better with time :) now just hang in there! Thanks for your recommendations, I really liked Renren Zakari and Houkago x Ponytail, wish they were just a bit longer though… Hahaha hilarious that “pose” from the teacher, how weird. Could you tell me the name of that manga?

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Hey there!! Haha thanks, I really hope so.. That manga is Kinkyori Renai— an adorable but frustrating manga! Feel the pain of the heroine as she struggles to keep up with the relationship.

      I hope to recommend more manga too but I haven’t chanced upon any extraordinary/extremely compelling ones so far. :P Hope to find some soon, but in the meanwhile i’ve got life to deal with haha. You take care!

  3. Kath

    Uhm.. i’d like to ask what title of the the manga with sensei x student is.. it would be a big help :DD

  4. janinie

    amazing site:) i <3 mangas so i keep on looking for something meaningful but i'll enjoy. i think i'll enjoy these mangas suggested here. tnx :)

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      HEY THANKS! (: Hope you like these, and there’re really many great manga out there in the deep, seductive internet heh. I started out with shoujo and now i’m into psychological and gore. Keep reading (moderately) and enjoy the stories!

  5. MoonyHowls

    ….. SHALL READ, CAPTAIN! *salutes*

    And oh….. What anime and/or manga are those two guys from? Am I a fan of yaoi? Yes I am. Huehuehue

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      A FAN OF YAOI? WELCOME! ;) Unfortunately (AGAIN HAHA) that picture of those two hot guys is a fan art from the kingdom of Suzumiya Haruhi– recognize them? They’re Kyon and Itsuki!

      Despair not, there is an awesome manga I read recently, starring smoldering guys… Interested? It’s Puchitto Hajiketa. Hehe.

  6. Cindy G

    Hi I stumbled upon this page accidentally and I was kinda confused by what the Sensei x student manga is called that scene looks reallyyy sweet and I’ve been into that sensei forbidden love lately so if I could get the resource that’d be great ♥ c:


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