Spring Anime 2013!

G-guess what’s arriving soon? GUESS!

No, it’s not my cute little sister (that’s due in like 5 more months)– OF COURSE IT’S THE BATCH OF NEW ANIME COMING OUT THIS SEASON!! Are you excited? Here’s the chartripped off from Neregate haha. Click to see a huge image!

So I guess now i’ll be pointing out the seemingly more interesting ones that i’ll probably watch. There’re quite a few cool ones (I remember last season was mostly shoujos) so that’s great! But ahh last season was a disappointment because the anime I was looking forward to watching the most, Savanna Game, got axed! Oh well, let’s usher in the new ones.

1. Shingeki no Kyojin

This one seems like one of the stars. One of the must-watch ones. And therefore I will watch it.  HAH JK, I actually read the manga for this and it’s pretty badass and awesome. I don’t want to give any spoilers xD But I really enjoyed the story and the art and the whole notion of humans in a dystopian setting, cornered into one small city while huge Titans prowl the desolate Earth. Doesn’t that sound super cool already?

2. Yahari blah blah Long Title

HAHA DAMN THE LONG TITLE! I shall just call it Yahari Seishun. But anyway, its title is already so interesting– My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected \o/ Actually, I think i’ve recommended this manga already, it was one of the rare, different types and the few chapters that came out were really good. It’s quite surprising that I’ve chanced upon mangas of quite a few animes that are coming out this season– kinda means that I have good taste eh? ;) Since those mangas are worthy to be adapted into an anime. Yahari Seishun has cool characters that will definitely undergo characterization. From the beginning though, they already have their own set of beliefs and ideals and that makes them so much better. The male lead has a pessimistic mindset but veers and displays it in a sullen but light-hearted fashion. He’s fun to watch. You’ve gotta watch this!

3. Aku no Hana

Yet another series where i’ve read the manga… and was satisfied. I think i’ll try it out, but you know how sometimes it’s a little boring to watch an anime having had read the manga?  (omg, there’s no grammatical flaw there right) BUT IT WAS GOOD. I love the unique art-style, and maybe the girl is just a little creepy, but nonetheless it’s enjoyable.


AAAAWWWWKWAAAARD. Don’t worry, it’s not a hentai despite what the above image  seems to depict. Hehe. Watch it okay?

4. My Little Pony

YAY IT’S M-M-MY LITTLE PONY!! MAI LITEIRU PONI! Here to save the mood and bring sparkles and joy and color and hope to the world!


My first thought: wow……why.

I’ve never watched this series and never will.

I’ve got better things to do you know?

I’d rather play with my cute barbie dolls. DOLLS ARE BETTER THAN PONIES, FUCK YOU.

5. Hataraku Maou-sama!

When I first saw this I was did a double take. Like dude, did someone just rip off Maoyuu Maou Yuusha or something? Why are Maous becoming so popular?! But now it seems that the (gender) roles are reversed, and the hero is the girl and the Maou is the guy. But other than that, the Maou here seems to have the same noob-ness as the hero from that other anime. Nevertheless, this is still appealing. Probably those type of creature-from-other-dimnension-gets-used-to-living-in-modern-Japan show. Common plot in historical romance time-warp stories, and it’s gonna be amusing at least. I like how both the Maou and the hero here both look badass and strong, so at least there’ll be fun bickering for sure. I APPROVE.

6. Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

I lol’d. Majestic Prince?!?! Seriously?! Okay fine mecha is cool anyway. The futuristic scenario and evolved children parts remind me of Enders Game, just a bit. It sounds intriguing so it’s okay. But the protecting humanity part? Hah….. okay. You typical shounen hero, go do your thing!

7. Devil Survivor 2 The Animation

YESSS don’t you know, this is my type of anime! SO YES.

8. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

This is the 3rd season! I’ve only watched the 1st season and not the second because I didn’t like the Index, the white-haired girl. So I don’t know if i’ll watch this. I’ll look at the genre. If there’s a romance tag, then maybe. ;)

9. Karneval

Somehow this gives me Amnesia vibes. Hope the characters from this show doesn’t turn out to be as flat, and hope the supposed bishies look good… So this is probably about a team of stylish individuals with their own fortes working for that Circus organization to bring about change. In the process, they’ll gradually open up to each other and their (sad) pasts will be revealed. Hah. Sounds so typical, but I bet that will happen! I actually don’t think i’ll watch this…. but maybe.

10. Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride

When I saw this, I thought that it’d definitely be an ecchi show. But at least the way the girls are dressing ain’t that bad, I don’t see any underwear or cleavage. BUT WHY DOES THAT YAGYUU MUNEAKIRA EXIST? Thanks to the existence of that one guy, this will probably be a harem anime. Sigh, and the plot was cool. Can’t there be one proper, good anime about powerful and cool samurai girls reforming schools? WITHOUT A GUY? Because the guys will always make the girls look weak.Which reminds me of this manga, Warau Kanoko-sama, that you must read. I’m not sure if i’ve recommended it before (whoops I think I have) but read it anyway xD

Anyway, it has always been my wish to see a girl being the independent and strong one, and the guy respecting her and working with her. As much as he might save her, she can save him too. It’s bad to superimpose gender stereotypes (that women are weaker) on almost all the anime characters you know. I bet Japan is trying to make their men step out of the herbivore phase, take some action, and be manly by saving girls, but who says that girls can’t be tough too? Ah well, I’ll probably give this Samurai Bride anime a shot. The girls look so yandere but they’re probably just tsundere.

Okay that’s all! So… let’s all look forward to watching wonderful new animes and hope for the best! Hoho. March is approaching really quickly, and life goes on.

*gazes at a distant shooting star on a lonely, dark, silent, cold night*

*pats back*


10 thoughts on “Spring Anime 2013!

  1. no name

    The Karneval manga is still publishing, so I think I will watch the anime and then read the manga. I’m also interested in Yahari Seishun and Shingeki no Kyojin… I can’t wait much longer!!! So many tests and good anime to watch! :(

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Oh gosh, ikr! Hell starts from this week, and the exams are spread out all the way right from the beginning of March T_T The only salvation will be the June Holidays! Oh well….. we can do this, ganbatte! xD

      Yup I think i’ll watch the anime for Karneval too, and those two you mentioned are probably some of the highlights for this season. :) At least we have something to look forward to!

  2. kagami

    woah..aku no hana..first thought of the manga..what the manga is trying to portray..psycho-playing…?nyway..the girls are creepy..i can’t even imagine whats really playing on both mind(nakamura n saeki)..kind of deppressing manga..but yeah..the manga pick up a theme..which is very rare..and it was brave for the author to write that kind of plot..

    whenever i start reading the manga..there’s always this kind of uneasy feeling lingering around me..hahaa..creepy..but..i cant stop reading it..

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Haha the first time I read it I was also freaked out by Saeki (who isn’t?!) and the plot in general, but I guess it’s the way this story is that makes it so compelling right? Let’s hope the anime is good!


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