Karneval Ep 1: Another Action Anime

I thought that the first 5 minutes of the show was pure magnificence. There was beautiful music, snippets of different scenes, of characters that would have their fates intertwined.

And then there was our very own Shiro and Kuro in the form of Nai and Gareki. The sort-of-canon-pair-but-hell-no bromance.

The cute shota

The cute shota

And our badass seme

And our badass seme

Okay I admit that Gareki, the black haired dude, looks really stupid in that pose. And he’s acting cool because he thinks he’s so capable– and he is!– but he can’t match up to the random people with powers that pop up and he gets pwned haha.

Karneval starts off with an extremely ambiguous backstory and I was actually loving every moment of the dreamy melodious music accompanying the super cheesy hazy scene of Nai and Karoku calling each other’s name. Now here’s the problem. Karoku had an irritating seiyuu with a nasal voice. And so while pure, angelic Nai was perfectly absorbed in his helpless uke role with his innocuous voice, Karoku sounded terrible. So does Gareki, actually.

Now I have no issue with Karneval, and that’s the issue. It’s just another action anime, probably gonna be like Arcana Famiglia (I liked that). We know that there’re people with special powers, and the good ones are in an organization called the Circus. Sure, the anime will pick up and get interesting with the various characters fighting bad villains with their cool, crazy powers. But how interesting can this get? The animation is not bad, but the characters seem shallow and will probably just be the same throughout the anime.

Nai: Our supposed Main Character. Helpless, clueless shota. Calls blood “red puddles”. That kind of character that needs help from everyone, but because of his unique ears (I lol’d at that) people want him. He’s gonna be the one dragging down the team because of his kindness or something.

Gareki: Badass guy probably with a tragic past and a soft spot for Nai.

Glasses dude: Over-powered– wth, he can conjure anything out of nothing.

And of course, the blonde girl that everybody loves!

Watch out we've got a badass over here

Watch out we’ve got a badass over here

Oh, and how can I forget the spider woman that was going to rape Nai?

This woman was actually cool.

This woman was actually scary.

“One more step, the wings are torn. Two more steps, the innards are gone. Three more steps, you become a feast for death,” says she, before brutally mutilating her own ally.

Two bombs later, she pathetically gets trapped under rubble and gets killed afterwards. Sad story bro.

So… I’m really sorry to say this but i’m dropping Karneval. It wasn’t bad, but it’s not my type! Hell, i’d read action manga over this any time. I don’t see how this can get any much better even with more varied characters. But thank the Maou this show reminded me of Baccano because of the train scene. I have to go watch that one day.

But hey guys? Want a more freaky Karneval or Circus? Watch this instead, and I promise that you’ll love it.



4 thoughts on “Karneval Ep 1: Another Action Anime

  1. innasuu

    Well, it probably is just another action anime but it’s much more colorful and whimsical than some of the others I’ve seen. Or maybe I’m just saying that because I read the manga before hand… -_-“

  2. tora

    Thanks for letting me know it had a anime :p
    I had read its manga , never bothered to find the anime :p.
    Also , I think its my first time here ahahaha :)


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