Shingeki no Kyojin Ep 1: :'(

Plot summary: Titans. Man-eating titans are outside, while the humans are enclosed inside, lulled by a pretentious sense of safety because they’ve got a 50m wall protecting them. Guess they didn’t know that some titans are larger than 50m and can easily smash down their fragile line of defense.

This is one powerful anime. I’ve got to admit, the first two-thirds of the show was slightly disappointing because I had read the manga and anyone who has read the manga must know how freaking good this story is. And then, the climax blew me away.

Fucking Titans

Fucking Titans

this is the fucking titan that ate Mikasa's mum

this is the fucking titan that ate Mikasa’s mum

This part is one of the most emotional, most painful scenes to watch and it made my heart pound for a really long while. The producer of this anime is godly. They showed the whole scene, that heartbreaking part where Eren, our headstrong main character and his (foster) sister, Mikasa was forced to leave their mother, whose leg got crushed by debris. Flashback. Tears accumulate (I mean mine). And then that fucker with his bemused face happily picks her up and crunches down on her. Blood spurts. Heart=stabbed.

OHHHH WHHHHYYYYYY.  Please watch this anime to feel my pain.

On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls.

Let me start on the beginning now. Eren is a good main character and I love his name, and he’s a really idealistic hero who is bent on following his dreams. He believes that humans are just livestock waiting to die because of their inaction and folly, thinking that the wall would protect them forever. That’s pretty darn true. But he’s weak and in fact, his sister Mikasa is the stronger and more mature sibling.

What I really love about this show was the portrayal of the characters and the masses. Masses, being the ignorant masses they were, got scared at the failures of the soldiers who died while striving to bring back data on the Titans. They huddled together and were simply content with the false sense of security brought by the wall and scoffed at the idea of going outside. Then there was Hannes, a dude who laughs it off but really takes pride in his job as a guard– he wanted to save Tsukasa’s mum, but after facing the Titan head-on, he was petrified and ran away with Eren and Mikasa. That just shows the fear that the Titans elicit from even a courageous man.

This show is brimming with potential. The characters have a long way to develop, and the mystery of the titans is yet to be unravelled. Right now the Titans have made us all incur a deep hatred towards them, these mindless obliterators that we’re helpless against. But one thing about the anime that really disappointed me was the animation standards. At times, the characters really looked like they popped-out– as if they were cut and pasted against the backdrop, and it looked bad. I would highly recommend the manga but let me warn you that it’s already at chapter 43, and reading the manga would greatly reduce the enjoyment of watching the anime thereafter. Because the manga is just superb and the anime is good– I mean, so many emotions evoked at the climax!– but it might seem a bit dull especially when you compare the titans. The titans of the manga are really abhorrent in the sense that they make you want to punch them, but they make you scared. The anime titans aren’t that bad either but they don’t have that chilling quality to them. And it sucks to know what happens while watching the anime because you read the manga.


Shingeki no Kyojin is excellent. To make people tear up in its first episode is a huge accomplishment. Come Eren, i’m waiting for you. I’m waiting for you to develop into the man you’re gonna be. My man. 

This is gonna be so interesting.


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