First Impressions: Kakumeiki Valvrave

There is one huge reason why you should watch Kakumeiki Valvrave.

My Beautiful L-elf

Look at him. Silver hair, purple eyes with such a piercing glance. Those handsome features. His insane skills, his cold manner and his warm personality beneath. And his sad past. HAHAHAHAHA WHAT A STEREOTYPICAL VILLIAN but he’s totally my type! For once i’m so glad that while the good guy Haruto is the main protagonist, my perfect bishie L-elf seems like he’s gonna get decent coverage as one of the main characters too.

This anime captivated me with it’s visuals. I mean, look at the characters– the animation is gorgeous. Kakumeiki Valvrave is about a futuristic world where Earth isn’t mankind’s main home anymore, and the main good guys live in a neutral planet called J10R. The antagonists from Dorssia have attacked the area and are largely in control now. They most hilarious characters are our very own two main characters, and I shall begin with good guy Haruto.

This guy is da boss. He likes some cute girl, Shoko. What I love best is how I thought he was originally gonna stay as one of those irritating peacemaker protagonists– refusing to fight and wanting to resolve everything by talking. But no. Once he thought that Shoko got killed by the enemies, he flipped and started killing all of them without hesitation. I was like woah. And he is somehow able to switch consciousness (switch bodies) with L-elf.

As for L-elf, there’s nothing more I can say about him except for how cool he is. Bad boy appeal X 1000000000. And add in the cliche sad past part.

Even if you don’t want to fight, what if someone comes and smashes you in the face? You’d just let them walk all over you with a big smile on your face?

All deep n' shit

All deep n’ shit

Meanwhile, his friends…..

"WTH L-elf what are you even doing...."

“WTH L-elf what are you even doing….”

See that silver-haired wannabe? I forgot his name. And I googled it. He’s A-drei. (don’t ask me why all the Dorssians have code names, it adds on to their coolness anyway) One look at the shape of his hair and you know that he’s gonna be irritating. I don’t know how to explain this, but every single character with a bob (particularly a blonde bob– I can’t remember specifically who, sadly) is annoying.

Bow to my bob, suckers.

Bow to my bob, suckers.

This is not the best example, but with that hated hairstyle comes hated characters. Anyway, Haruto in L-elf’s body shoots A-drei’s eye and A-drei who probably has the biggest crush ever on L-elf gets all whiny and sad, proclaiming that he will take revenge on L-elf. And poor L-elf still doesn’t know what happened. I really like L-elf. Now that he’s confined in J10R, I hope he gets interrogated (so we get to know more about him *squeals*) and works with Haruto. He’s labelled as a traitor of the Dorssians too since Haruto used his body to fight them. Aww.

The funniest part was when L-elf, Haruto and hostage girl Saki (who has a crush on Haruto, lol) were in the Valvrave. For weirdoes who don’t know, the Valvrave is the super robot (like Code Geass’s knightmare) that is over-powered. It had also turned Haruto into a freaking vampire and giving him the power of switching bodies by biting the other person. Anyway, L-elf held Saki at gunpoint and demanded that Haruto explained what was happening, why he was being considered a traitor.

Then, a wild phone call appears.

30 seconds later, poor L-elf and hostage Saki had no choice but to listen to excited Haruto talking to the love of his life on the other end. Oh, did I mention that they were in space and in the middle of fighting an intense battle? No biggie! That made a pretty ridiculous scenario if you thought about it. L-elf must have felt pathetic while waiting for him, he should have just shot the girl.

So… Kakumeiki Valvrave is pretty interesting, and definitely recommended. Visuals wise it is superb, AND NO ONE CAN RESIST THE SEXY L-ELF. He oozes amazingness I tell you. The tension in the plot and the action is satisfying, and I have high hopes for future episodes. C’mon Haruto, show us how you’re gonna reclaim J10R and how you’re gonna fight for your friends.


5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Kakumeiki Valvrave

  1. Sonny

    Hey! I’ve only seen like 3 episodes of Kakumeiki Valvavre but I think it’s a really good series, totally worthy to watch! I’m only waiting to finish my tests and then marathon it, together with other shows… Am I the only one who thinks that it the animation would be perfect for a shoujo anime??! Hahaha.
    Wow can’t believe you’ve been blogging for almost a year, please continue with the hard work! I and many others really enjoy your writing :)
    Don’t feel so bad about your bad grade, it could happen to even the best students!!

    P.S I emailed you, I’m a bit nervous so if you could reply as soon as possible it would be great!!

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      YESSS Valvrave is superb! (thanks to my lovely ERU ERUFU) All the best for your tests, ace it in my stead and rise where I have fallen! And did you just say it’s perfect as a shoujo anime?


      L-elf can be so cool yet so adorable! Haha and thank you– wait for me i’m gonna reply you now :)


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