FREE! The Swimming Anime Is Confirmed!!!!!

To all of you suckers who don’t know about it, you will be hearing the best piece of news in your life.

HARK! Listen up and gather round, kids! All you lonely girls craving for sexy bishies animated in color with eargasmic seiyuus need not wait any longer. Wait, actually, you’ll have to wait for slightly more than 2 months. Because the coolest swimming anime has arrived.



Those late on the uptake should read this news. July is the month. The month of hope and dreams, of fangirling and indulging on a feast for the depraved eyes.


So this anime is called Free! –lol. I am so anticipating it, I mean LOOK AT THOSE MUSCLES. And look at Haruka, our black-haired gorgeous main character. Everyone is attracted to beauty and our Haruka is simply the epitome of anime guy perfection. Thank you KyoAni, for jumping on the chance to expand the market to us bishie lovers. Now, create a larger market for the females too please. We have enough of Maous with jiggly boobs and lolis with tight butts, now we need our sexy, athletic men. It is indeed interesting that this anime is actually happening because the possibilities after this are limitless. Can you imagine a whole new bunch of series catering for the girls, the fujoshi– oh my god. A NEW MARKET OF THE NEW AGE. Now not only anime girls, anime guys are being sexualized too xD Let’s all close our eyes and have a moment of silence while we envisage the future of the anime industry.

Let me just say that i’m really happy. I’m so happy that I drowned in the sea of awesome tumblr with lovely, lovely people who are just so lovely. Look at the power of their fandom. Look at the beautiful gifs they’ve created.



the beauty is killing me

the beauty is killing me

The Cool Senpai

The Cool Troubled Senpai

YOU SEE YOU SEE?!?!?! I cannot stand how marvelous this is, so here’s more picture spammage.

My life is complete.

My life is complete.

Damn it Haruka you're hilarious

Guys who are tsundere? ;)

Someone help me snap out of fangirl mode. I love the comments that this anime has generated. “I can smell the gay over the pacific ocean” or “What if this turns out to be a psychological horror?” HAHA. Whatever it is, I hope that the story is good enough to sustain the interest of the crowd that is so hyped up now. I honestly think that it’s gonna be your regular highschool sports anime like Kuroko no Basuke. Oh my god, I sense a tsunami of ships and homosexuality coming.

Anyway, while watching the promotional video i’m sure many of us picked up on the stereotypical character archetypes. After watching so much anime, we already know the kind of character one is gonna be based on the appearances eh? But just for fun, let me guess more about our bishie swimmers.

Black-haired Haruka: Cool beauty and our main character. Does his best and trains hard for competitions, is secretly a tsundere and shy of his fangirls although he brushes them off. Has a quiet personality.

Brown-haired Makoto: Haruka’s best friend, of course. Very outgoing and supportive and often calls out to the girls. He could totally set Haruka up on a goukon.

Blonde Nagisa: The loli of the group, small-sized and cute. Not as good as the other swimmers and hence is bitter and sad, though he doesn’t show it. Air-headed (or possibly devilish but nah I doubt so).

Glasses-guy Rei: The senpai, probably the captain of the Swim Team, responsible and hardworking. Harsh on his team, but inspirational and encouraging too. Kind interior beneath that tough exterior.

Red-haired Rin: Rival of Haruka, arrogant and a playboy, though he is actually lonely. He is harsh on himself and hates to lose and has some sad past maybe lol. Fierce contester.

Okay fine, I didn’t get the rival part from guessing, there was this chart I saw. And from there I realized that there are many inaccuracies but damn that was just a hypothesis okay xD

Hmph, too bad I didn’t find this earlier. But anyway since there are rivaling schools this is gonna be cool. There was this hilarious image I found on tumblr, again.




Hope ye enjoyed these pictures of the swimming bishies. Hold your horses. Be prepared for the majestic arrival of Summer 2013. We shall welcome it really warmly for this anime is gonna be wonderful.

Because bishies.


5 thoughts on “FREE! The Swimming Anime Is Confirmed!!!!!

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      To appease the sulking male otakus who are retreating into their dark swamps due to the splendor of these sparkling boys. Cute girls and boobs in tight suits are needed to revive them. But it’s okay at least the fangirls have gotten what we want. ;)

  1. no name

    It does look interesting. I look forward to watch it!
    Btw, that Rei is a 1st year?? Wasn’t expecting it.
    Anyway, it seems to have potential and I hope it does :)

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Yeah precisely, Rei’s supposed to be the mature captain! :< It does look brilliant and the character design is just….. beautiful *_* Now there is something to look forward to in life. Haha.


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