Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 3: Dawn of the Lelouch

This episode highlights L-elf’s badassery at its finest. And recapitulates all of the crazy events that are going on, bringing in politics… and Code Geass. I never knew that these two series had the same screenwriter :O Come, without further ado, let us explore the wonders of Kakumeiki Valvrave.

Aww, looks like our main character is actually popular!

Oh my god, breaking hot news, Haruto typed in a comment! JIOR roars with excitement!

I really dislike love triangles. Saki seems like a stronger character, but too bad Haruto’s already in love with Shoko.

Heh. That sly bastard, the enemy of my enemy is my friend after all, eh?

Look, even L has appeared! Look at those beautiful eyes!

random shoujo manga interjects

random shoujo manga interjects

Wow great! Vampires! What a lovely plot twist! Haruto even has regenerative abilities! What the hell!

aaaand wait for it, wait for it…

They call him the one-man army.

They call him the betrayer.

But deep inside, he’s just a boy  my kind of boy. ;)

Thanks guys, for providing the description of my perfect guy. 177 cm, silver-haired, badass fighting skills and fiercely independent. Even the A-drei dude is smitten with him and still considers him a friend, lol. His mini escapade from prison was so hilarious it made me incredulous. He survived unscathed while jumping down with a rope that broke while hundreds of soldiers were firing at him. All of them magically missed. At the funniest part was when he sent the soldiers flying into space, poor things were randomly floating around.

I love L-elf. He has a plan in mind, and is an opportunist. He has no real allegiance to Dorssia and when he realizes that he’s labelled as a traitor there anyway, he moves on and decides to work with Haruto. At the end of the episode there was a preview of episode 4 and he seems to be on friendlier term with JIOR’s student population already (I may be wrong, but i’m sure he has switched sides for now). Does he not remind you of the great Lelouch? Being an anti-hero. I love anti-heroes and there should be more anime stories with such protagonists like Yagami Light or Lelouch. Or at least give them decent coverage like Kakumeiki Valvrave does with L-elf. There was this quote by Dan Brown:

Angels and demons are identical–interchangeable archetypes– all a matter of polarity; the guardian angel who conquered the enemy in battle is perceived by the enemy as a demon destroyer.

It’s all a matter of perspective. I’m sure that many of us thought of L-elf as the villainous character from the first episode, and Haruto as the standard hero– peaceful but willing to fight for his friends. But haven’t we doubted the idea of this type of hero? When Haruto realizes that he isn’t like a regular human, and even killed people, he gets immensely affected by it and stops his love confession to Shoko. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but when you compare him to L-elf who revels and specializes in killing without hesitation, one will inadvertently feel that Haruto is the right hero, the morally good one.

I’m not going to go into the whole killing is wrong idea but I don’t think that L-elf is any less deserving of being crowned a hero. People are born differently, some with less EQ or a different moral capacity from others. It’s like the standard notion of people thinking that murderers all must have had a tragic past to make them that way, when it might not be so. Or when people believe that cheaters will definitely feel guilty, when the cheaters themselves are nonchalant about the whole affair. It’s about the way different characters think. I think that L-elf could be a pretty damn good hero who does everything he can to achieve his goals. Who cares about what others think about him? As of now, he is emotionally distanced from other characters and perhaps it’s his coldness that makes us unable to empathize with him, or to view him as the good guy. Lelouch is definitely more humanized (with his past and kindness to Nunnally) and a beautifully complex character. Everyone acknowledges him as a hero, and sometimes the line between hero and villain isn’t all that clear.

L-elf is a compelling character, much more so than Haruto for now since we’ve seen so many other like Haruto already. Haruto is totally a Suzaku, and there’s even a slight resemblance lol. Ah well, I look forward to seeing their two-man show. Their partnership is going to be superb.

Lelouch has spoken. And now it’s time to let the dice roll. Or get the ball rolling. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT PHRASE SUPPOSED TO BE?! Never mind– let us sit back and watch the fates of cool bishie and good guy Haruto unravel. With great action scenes, great characters, and a great revolution to carry out, i’m sure that Kakumeiki Valvrave is gonna be really good. I wish you all the best, L-elf. (<3)


4 thoughts on “Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 3: Dawn of the Lelouch

  1. lesterf1020

    I think you are walking into the very fun mess of Hero vs Anti-hero. Characters like Lelouche and apparently L-elf are very squarely in the anti-hero mold. I believe that anti-hero is a matter of perspective whereas hero is a matter of character.

    The hero is the one who only uses force as a last resort and only in a proportional manner. The guy risking his life to save everyone including the enemy. The guy who treats prisoners well and is always trying for peaceful solutions in which everyone can win. The guy with the ridiculously high moral character and forgiving nature. Otherwise known as the dull, boring, annoying guy. That kind of hero is no longer popular. Even if your side is devastated by this guy you are not likely to see him as a villain but instead an honorable rival or a gullible naive fool. There are many cases of an early antagonist actually being a hero which is why he eventually switches sides and joins the protagonists.

    The only real difference between a villain and an anti-hero is that he happens to be fighting for your side and currently (maybe) finds it convenient to align himself with your ideals. He has no problems killing or deceiving or manipulating and is only distinguishable from the main villain because he is less bloodthirsty and ruthless, has more complexity and happens to be fighting on the side of the protagonists . These guys are always intensely interesting as you try to figure out exactly where they are on the moral scale at any given point.

    I often joke with friends that Lelouche is actually a James Bond villain and that Morpheus, Neo and Trinity and the gang from the Matrix are fundamentalist terrorists. They never get the joke.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      So an anti-hero is not a villain just because he’s on your side?! B-but I thought that heroes and anti-heroes were the same in terms of their goals– they are carrying out their plans for the greater good even if their methods differ. (Yeah that would explain why he’s on your side.) As long as the ends justify the means then all is well. But for villains they want to wreck havoc and create hurt and destruction for no specific reason other than to satisfy their own sadistic streak. Or they just want to dominate others to feel powerful. Like how thugs who extort money from others in dark narrow alleyways are villains while Robin Hood characters are anti-heroes. I think. It’s pretty hard to label a humanized character a villain though, and it’s those psychopaths that have no qualms about doing whatever they please, killing for fun, that are truly evil. Once you understand a character’s motivations or backstory you’d empathize with his actions and he would cease to be so villainous.

      Yes anti-heroes are always way more intriguing. Lelouch is simply the best. They don’t mind getting their hands dirty or sacrificing others as pawns just to emerge victorious, yet they actually seek for a better future. Makes you wonder how they can be so mentally tough.

      Haha guess what, I don’t get your joke either. xD Three cheers for the unfortunate you!


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