Eren Jaeger Is Pulchritudinous

What do you think pulchritudinous means? Something negative? …No, how could you ever think that i’m insulting the lovely, dashing Eren?!?!


Yeah basically it means hot (is he not?) but that term is too mainstream. Hey, I learnt that cool new word from the national spelling contest! How cool is that.

So basically being the fool I am, i’ve stayed up till 3.30am to start on my math revision. I have 3 days to catch up on five months of work, how exciting! As usual, weekends are always wasted. Only Sunday nights trigger enough fear and panic to make me motivated enough to do my work. And as I was looking for study music, I chanced upon the greatest of the great, the pinnacle of beauty.

Shingeki no Kyojin’s ED– Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai (SUBS ARE BEAUTIFUL BUT NO SUBS!!!)

This song is so good. (It’s sonorous! Melodious!) It is sooooooooo good. Shingeki no Kyojin is just so cool and I love Eren so much (sorry L-elf I love you too..). Okay I don’t want to start the vexing chuunibyou rant again, but whenever I read good and inspiring Japanese lyrics I feel so pumped up and then I realize that there’s no reason for this because I’ll contrast it with my own reality. I’ve been living a really sheltered life where my role now is just to study (a privilege, yeah?) and you can call this first-world stupid problems, but yes, I wish for more. I know i’m being a huge idiot. People who wish for zombie apocalypses don’t realize that they would probably die writhing in pain. And those who wish for dragons (mememememe) don’t consider the dark wizards that would possibly have burned your entire family.

Anime problems 101. Trapping you in a exhilarating dream while sapping away time and energy in reality. This is so embarrassing and sad on many levels, especially when i’m going to turn 16 in less than a month… See, this is the mindset that i’m supposed to adopt: Okay maybe I haven’t found a purpose in life but that’s precisely why I have to ace all my exams and leave all my options open– in the meanwhile i’ll live life to its fullest and hopefully find my passion somewhere. BUT BLEGH. I just feel unmotivated and sad. Shan’t think too much, shall just do math now.

Yay, a prince on a horse.

See, not only Eren, Rivaille is really handsome too. I need to borrow their strong spirits for this week.


But my procrastination is even uglier :'( Why does it seem like you other people who watch anime still stay steady in reality? How do you do it? Halp.


7 thoughts on “Eren Jaeger Is Pulchritudinous

  1. sober!man

    lol, i should probably tell you that its not eren on the picture with the horse. the anime introduced the character already though.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Yeah sorry they looked too similar ö rivaille was it? I’ve been collecting nice pictures without naming them properly :P I’m missing out on the anime because I still remember bits of the manga. Will probably marathon it once it’s done.

  2. Setsuka//

    Moves like Jaegar eh? =v= hurhurhur

    That Opening is fabulous, goes with anything. I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not, but some guy on /a/ said “You can’t just slap SnK’s OP onto anything”, so someone decided to make “Shingeki no Anon” using that one strip of the anon’s text and matching with the Opening.

    Good luck with your homework! I have Finals as well….and why am I procrastinating on blogs ._.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      HAHA EVERYONE WANTS MOVES LIKE SEXY JAEGER xD Omg yes, i’ve watched that and I found the Shingeki no Shitstorm one about the swimming anime hilarious!! Those videos are priceless. Some people are really terrific.

      And thanks……. though math never gives me a happy ending.. All the best to you! It’s okay, blog-stalking and manga-reading and anime-watching are life-killing but so-addicting :D

  3. patternedelephant

    It’s okay, I’m turning 17 next month and am in the same predicament as you. Love dreaming, have no idea what I’m doing with my life. I wish I could just live in my nice little bubble forever where I could watch anime, play sims, and eat tons of nutella.


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