2-D Girls Are Sexual Deviants

Rape! Sex! Boobs! Meh all of you desensitized fools probably just rolled your eyes. But listen. This post is for all of you silly girls hankering for a dangerous romance– and by dangerous, I mean bordering on rape. See, I realized how about 40% of people got onto this site. It sucks, but you guys search for these terms.


urgh X2

Now, whoever typed out the one truth that L-elf is a bad boy deserves a hug. But what’s with the ‘please fuck me anime’?! Wanna hear more of such search terms? The weirdest one was something about Pokemon Yaoi. But I mainly sense a slightly misconstrued shoujo spirit hovering around. And i’m sure that it can all be summed up by one huge misconception best represented by some girl searching about this: manga where girl gets raped by guy who loves her.

One reason why I feel so irked is because I was once crookedly delusional too. I enjoyed shoujo plots such as arranged marriagesrivals falling in love, and basically anything with a prince who has it all to sweep the girl right off her feet. But while the plot itself screams innocence and sweetness, what lurks beneath (and what I realized I enjoyed) was the guy cornering the girl and forcing her to react to him. Most of the time, when the guy who loves the girl gets attacks her sexually, she would refuse loudly at first but succumb to pleasure fully after the first kiss or the first touch. And I want you to realize that that’s just because 2-D girls are sexual deviants.

Guys that would rape or force you do not love you. You think you could put up with a guy that sexually harasses you when you’re unwilling? It doesn’t even matter how nice, or how tragic his past was. And only 2-D girls get so turned on by rape that they lose their pride and let ecchi stuff be done to them willingly. Hah, although adding plus points to our male protagonist seems to give him depth and an excuse for his twisted behavior, there’s a limit to what bullshit he can give. And our heroine is always excessively patient and kind, but turns into a WEAK NOOB in front of the guy. Crying too much! Blushing too much! Putting up with abuse, and loving the guy for no reason (sometimes just because he’s handsome? I understand :P). I get really upset when searching for shoujo and josei manga and all I see are plot trashes aka tales of forced sexual pleasure.

this one is just a weak noob-- but she's still perfectly reasonable

this one is just a weak noob– but she’s still perfectly reasonable

The portrayal of girls in anime and manga are so biased. How often do you see a girl truly worth admiring? When is a girl not used as a mere complement to the main hero? During English lessons, my class used to do the gender topic and we came up with two main reasons as to why gender inequality would never be eradicated. First would be the inherent biological differences, which affects the second– the internalization of gender roles. Once you are born, everything from the way people view you, treat you and talk to you are dependent on your gender. The expectations and judgements differ for the sexes, and you have been shaped by your gender, which is a social construct. Guys are stronger, guys will protect us, we need a guy. Girls inadvertently will learn that. The way people look at 40 year old spinsters are definitely harsher than that of their bachelor counterparts.

Now I know why my teacher says that some girls actually refuse gender equality. They get brainwashed into daydreaming and hankering for their prince charming as if they were living in the Victorian era and their life’s purpose was to attract a bishie. Girls are being so wrongly portrayed in the bulk of shoujo; it’s like we’re all sex deviants who submit to men’s touch and we can’t live without thinking of them. Luckily there are better shoujos being created nowadays.

You might say, but it’s just a manga! Of course I know how to differentiate myself from 2-D girls– reading is just for pleasure! Yeah, girls obviously ain’t masochists in real life and we’d consider any handsome, rich prince who violates our rights as a jerk and nothing else. But while we acknowledge that 2-D girls are sexual deviants, I dare you to deny that you don’t want a stronger guy to love you. You want to be protected, and while we strive not to be weak noobs, we still hope for a perfect boyfriend. I guess this is normal (evolution, bitches) but let’s not forget that we need to live a life that we would be proud of too.

Stockholm Syndrome is intriguing, and while 2-D girls suffer from it, so do 3-D ones. It’s basically empathizing with your captor or feeling as if your captor is being kind simply because he does not hurt you. It’s an assumption that you will get whipped and raped if you’re kidnapped, but if you don’t, you’d think that oh man this guy is so nice! Poor thing is covered in a mountain of debt so he was forced to do this… i’m gonna cooperate with him and beg for a lighter sentence later. BUT HELLO HE KIDNAPPED YOU– yes desperate needs call for desperate measures but to stoop as low as to extorting money? Okay actually personally I would empathize since I guess I wouldn’t know how harsh his life had been (though I think most kidnappers don’t face up to reality or simply don’t even try hard in life). Humans are complex.

I was going to recommend a damn cute Yaoi, but I realized that I was contributing to promoting more screwed up ideas. But it’s okay, here it is: Junketsu Drop. This manga is so awesome because of the adorable main characters; instead of bland thoughts, the way the characters think and their actions just make the cute shine through their personality. A must-read. If not you must-die. I’m sure you’ll feel pleasant after reading it, though not so happy after realizing that fluff aside, you just enjoyed watching a prideful man enjoying getting humiliated by sex but that’s okay because the characters are cute. Aww

Let’s all take a breather, seriously, a try this one instead. Best slice-of-life ever, and really touching. I guess my point is simply that rape is bad, and that girls should toughen up. At least feel indignant when reading about those horrible shoujo protagonists. Any further than that and i’ll be a hypocrite because i’ve been too badly brainwashed already and I do want a prince to sweep me off my feet. But i’ll still be amazing independently okay, just you watch.

hell yeah

hell yeah


4 thoughts on “2-D Girls Are Sexual Deviants

  1. Rei

    Wonder what it was that enlightened you to straighten your ‘crooked delusion’?

    I realized that having been exposed to such plots and actions for so long, I’ve came to subconsciously adapt to them and think of them as the norm. Well, at least for only in the 2D world (because the characters look perfect in every way so I willingly get lead on, lol). Heck, just yesterday I was spazzing and squirming around on my bed while playing some visual novels when my favorable character got assertive. (*´Д`*) Not sure how it’ll go for me if it happens in real life though.

    On a side note, hey! It’s been a while. ( ´・v・)

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Hey :) I guess it was just gradual mortification– like one day I just felt pissed off when reading such a shoujo and then I realized that I used to devour those stories happily. It’s quite disheartening whenever I start on a romance story where a girl that starts off strong turns into a weak, self-conscious damsel in distress :(

      But expectations VS reality pls. Even if we transform ourselves into helpless, gushing young ladies, the guys still won’t become cool princes xD Being assertive is great but let’s never hope that things get pushed too far. Hell I wish I were more assertive sometimes.

  2. froggykun

    I was never a big fan of shojo, but as you get older, you do tend to realise that questionable relationships in fiction are idealised in unhealthy ways.

    As for those Google searches you listed – I admit it, I laughed. Please fuck me too, anime!

  3. no name

    Of course people want some strong and dependable prince to come ‘save’ them.
    But it’s fine to have that dream as long as we don’t get too obsessed with that. Let’s hope that the perfect guy comes, but still live happily if he doesn’t.
    I don’t think that Animes and Mangas are the only things feeding those ideas. Movies, series and even novels have the ‘handsome, rich prince who violates our rights as a jerk’ in them.
    There’s nothing we can do. Nothing but to accept it and dream with it… :D


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