Kakumeiki Valvrave: All Hail King L-Elf

Someone tell me– can L-elf get anymore suave? I swear the main character in this show is not Haruto anymore. He’s on a calibre of his own, with wits and foresight and amazing physical abilities. The fangirl alarms are resounding oh so melodiously. He’s just destined for great things and did you see how he single-handedly turned JIOR into a country that could protect himself even against the mighty Dorssia? Wow, I swear the way they humanized L-elf was brilliant. And flashbacks into his past? Anyone who saw how amazingly atrociously adorable L-elf was would have fallen in love already.



Everyone should watch Kakumeiki Valvrave. I love this anime.

You know something I realized? There’s extremely few works of fanart of L-elf, or characters of this anime in general. You know why? BECAUSE HE IS ALREADY SMOKIN’ HOT IN THE ANIME. L-elf has got to be the coolest anime character, totally elite while managing to be amusing at the same time. He’s the honor student type, yet not the slightest bit obedient; he is decisive, confident and charismatic. Everyone has gotta admire intelligent and efficient guys. I tell you, the day he pilots a Valvrave is the day he becomes my bride.

AND HE CRIES. The part where L-elf’s body cries in reflex even though Haruto was controlling it was just moving. The director sure knows how to hit a girl’s weak spots eh. Crying while looking at a old picture of the princess.

d-dont cry…

Oh, so even the proud elitist has a tragic past… maybe he’s not that bad after all thinks Haruto. Although it’s a cliche, it worked on Haruto, and I never thought that L-elf was evil. Well what do you think motivated a man to become so great? To dare to throw away his special place with A-Drei and his team, to chase after unreliable Haruto? Confidence has its limits. The flashback shows L-elf in handcuffs running away as a child, so he was definitely not your average Dorssian citizen from birth. It was his own resolve and perhaps the princess’ kindness that had moulded him into such a hardy character.

Oh yes, one thing I found bemusing was Aina’s death. Glasses girl. So in episode 6 they gave her extra screen time to be all chummy and sweet with Haruto so that her death later would be more impactful. But are you all forgetting something? It’s a war. Was Aina really the first person to die? The mood got all solemn and the senpai that liked Aina lashed out at Haruto for not protecting her (hello, Haruto didn’t even notice her). And then, the comments from JIOR citizens were even funnier.

“That girl died.” “Huh? She was so cute…”

“Hey, the girl that died was our age.” “Aww man, that sucks!”

And the plain outrageous part was when everyone was very seriously clicking a button to let Aina ‘rest in peace’. They were clicking a button. On a fucking phone. Without dwelling on the sincerity issue, perhaps that is the future of our technology era– clicking virtual buttons to show your love and care. The grave and sombre mood just made it more funny. So apparently Aina’s death was the catalyst for two more Valvraves to get pilots (delinquent dude and senpai). But really, you JIOR guys have killed so many Dorssian soldiers who probably have families back at home, and you get hysterical over a high-schooler’s death? It may look like the Valvraves are just blasting machines, but there are pilots in it yo.

Man, at least the producers did try hard to develop their characters. Saki, who was supposedly selfish and vain was shown portrayed as being a tough fighter who really just wanted to protect her country and friends. I think they tried too hard with the senpai, but I personally like him. Senpai was crazy for revenge for Aina, whom he loved, but realized his inherent inferiority in ability when compared to L-elf.

it's okay, everyone is a loser when L-elf is there

it’s okay, everyone is a loser when L-elf is there

Haha senpai was just there panicking after he got shot in the arm, while L-elf took down the Dorssian soldiers in like two seconds. While on the phone. Stahp.

There’s nothing worse than the wishes of the talentless.

Ouch. L-elf’s words are so true since noobs shouldn’t take up a Valvrave. But oh well, Senpai trains hard, channels his rage into energy and rises to the occasion. A beautiful, energizing and touching story of youth indeed! I love how the Valvraves seem to match the pilot’s personality– defense for Senpai who wanted to protect his friends, speed and grace for our idol Saki, 10 arms for violent delinquent boy who was bent on revenge (yeah he likes ripping things apart), and… power for Haruto!

If Shoko doesn't pilot a Valvrave soon, Saki is gonna be Haruto's girl

If Shoko doesn’t pilot a Valvrave soon, Saki is gonna be Haruto’s girl

Now I like A-Drei for his bluntness and loyalty. Your bob looks prettier.

Now I like A-Drei for his bluntness and loyalty. Your bob looks prettier.

And... Haruto.

And… Haruto.

Seems like Haruto’s just a foil to L-elf, his good guy act and straight-lacedness in contrast to L-elf’s unpredictable, spontaneous and more underhanded tactics are so complementary. While both Haruto and L-elf are able to understand the feelings of others, Haruto is involved and therefore has to make the right choices constantly. Furthermore, he’s a fighter. L-elf on the other hand distances himself from relationships and can accurately analyze and come up with strategies based on the pawns he has. It’s funny that while Haruto is in every right the true hero of  JIOR, L-elf is way more admired– because he doesn’t care for such a title, and he doesn’t care much for JIOR’s citizens– he will do anything to get to his goal. His fearlessness and planned recklessness is what makes him so attractive, so damn alluring. Here’s a man that could rake up a revolution.

L-elf rejects Haruto

L-elf rejects Haruto

HAHAHA. Look at him smiling like a cute little contented cat! Yup so I definitely recommend Kakumeiki Valvrave. The character design is definitely one of the most gorgeous ones I’ve ever seen. All the characters actually look good. And almost all the characters develop (even if it seems forced), plus L-elf is too charismatic for anyone to miss. Think about it, there’s:

L-elf as a bishie.

L-elf as an adorable young boy.

L-elf crying.

OOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGG RIGHT?!?! And really, the characters and the plot are intriguing and this is an anime everyone would love. Sucks that there are only 12 episodes, but the shortness makes the remaining episodes all the more precious. Also, no matter how envious I am of L-elf’s alpha traits, I think he really must be lonely (oh no I sound like a shoujo protagonist)– being at the top has its price too, but of course L-elf has better things to worry about than having true friends. Whatever he is, L-elf is truly a character of worth.

He’s just human

but he pushes against the odds


3 thoughts on “Kakumeiki Valvrave: All Hail King L-Elf

  1. no name

    It only has 12 episodes, that is true, but a second season of Kakumeiki Valvrave is planned to air on October 2013, so don’t worry!

  2. Irenesharda

    I love L-elf as a character, he’s awesome and totally carries this show. And one thing to point out about L-elf and Haruto being sugar and coffee: Coffee is the main drink, sugar is the additive. Coffee can be consumed alone, and even if sugar is added, it is significantly less than the overall liquid.

    Also, maybe you need to look on pixiv and zerochan for some Valvrave and L-elf fanart. There’s tons of it there. I have over 230 fanart images in my collection alone, and I only download the ones I like. So, look around some more, you’ll find them.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      O-okay but although L-elf is surely more intriguing and way cooler as a character, Haruto is pretty impressive in his own way too– he thinks of his countrymen’s best interest (and understands why they can’t trust L-elf) and fights for them. He wants to set things right for JIOR but probably never expected the attacks. And he’s too soft. Compared to L-elf, everyone has no foresight. But wah, the part where L-elf cried was really good. Much more unforgettable than Aina’s death (hah sorry I can’t take Aina seriously).

      Haha I meant that there are much fewer Valvrave fanarts when say, compared to Shingeki no Kyojin although both shows are so popular. And forgive me for saying this but the bulk of the fan art doesn’t capture the appeal of the characters (especially L-elf) in the anime :P

      Oh wellz i’m stuck waiting for episode 10 now!


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