Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 10: Saki’s Rape

Gosh, such a controversial episode that I just had to talk about it!

My, my! Perfect timing!

My, my! Perfect timing!

Darkest episode of Valvrave ever as rape comes into play. Not to mention that the scenes were so vivid (obvious thrusting) and ugly, probably meant to scar viewers. Some people are screaming rape, some people are angry because they think this sudden development isn’t necessary.

I ain’t even gonna talk about rape. Look, we all saw Saki effectively punching the daylights out of Haruto when he tried to bite the blonde girl. Saki’s a fighter and she could definitely have defended herself and her chastity. Why she didn’t was probably because she knew that Haruto’s abnormal behavior wouldn’t stop until the holy spirit’s lust was satiated. Urgh that term sucks, wth Aina.

Saki’s the most blunt person in the show, but she will always protect herself first so she prioritizes everything in her interest. If she understands the true nature of the holy spirit, I still want to believe that she thinks that mating with Haruto is the only solution to the curse. Because even if she’s pretty pushy about getting together with Haruto she’s not that callous as to have sex with him just so that he’ll feel guilty about it. And please. Haruto is innocent too, he didn’t know what he was doing. But oh god he’s gonna get horrible guilt trips. We can all kiss Shoko X Haruto goodbye since Saki has been deflowered.


It cannot not be Saki's child

It cannot not be Saki’s child

I had no idea what went on in the intro, but this was Year 214 apparently and this girl is the splitting image of Saki. You know what that means right?


Optimistic thoughts: No way the girl looks like a total replica of Saki– there’s no proof that she’s Haruto’s daughter! Shit, wait, but black hair is a dominant trait so it makes sense that she would inherit her mother’s hair colour. And Haruto’s blue eyes is a recessive trait……

Okay I don’t care anymore. This episode was too angsty for me. They just had to cruelly contrast Shoko’s rousing speech with the rape.

I've been meaning to say this but you look horrible when possessed, Haruto

I’ve been meaning to say this but you look horrible when possessed, Haruto





it's all your fault

it’s all your fault



has she really?

has she really?

I wouldn’t think too deeply into Saki saying that Shoko won as in how Haruto can now never love her the way he would with Shoko because he would feel an obligation and huge remorse towards her forever. She’s stating that as a matter of fact, and she never fails to amaze me at how composed she is, accepting the absurdest things as they happen. Saki may be tough, but she’s definitely not the girl for Haruto. Shoko is lively and harbors great hope for the future; she’s cheerful and fun, and she can give Haruto hope and energy. Saki is too down-to-earth and harsh for him.

Okay that’s it. 2 more episodes to look forward to even as the mood is dampened, and I still wanna know who will pilot the last purple Valvrave! I’m really sad at the huge lack of L-elf’s presence in this episode, yet the cynical look he gave during Shoko’s speech made me wonder if he knew something about the impending rape (I don’t think he would be skeptical about Shoko’s idea for a festival– great way to keep the students busy and the morale high).

Oh Haruto. His conscience is gonna kill him.


21 thoughts on “Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 10: Saki’s Rape

  1. janoosen

    Great review!

    Warning, wall of text below.

    I think Akira piloting the last Valvrave would be nice, and I hope it’s a sensory type Valvrave. It would be perfect for Akira considering her hikkikomori status. She’s been hacking and stuff up until now but haven’t been able to help out in space, and is now finally about to leave her shell. I honestly feel like it’s her time to shine now.

    About Saki and Haruto and their space vampire baby love making. I can see Haruto sticking with Saki out of obligation alone. Haruto is a good guy, and Saki knew what it meant when she let him complete the act. He is now effectively trapped with her since he would never walk away by choice. The guilt is going to eat away at him and he’s going to take responsibility for his actions (even though they weren’t his own) by going out with her. This in turn will make their relationship tragic to put it in one word, since Haruto’s heart belongs to Shoko and not Saki. Neither Saki or Haruto will be happy together. Yet at the same time Haruto would never be able to accept Shoko’s feelings or show her his after what hapened. I get the feeling that Saki is being set up as a tragic heroine at this point.

    “LET’S GO TO THE MOON AND HAVE A SCHOOL FESTIVAL!!!” <- inb4 Dorssia attacks during the school festival and a huge amount of students (if not all of them) die. Shoko just raised an incredible amount of death flags this episode.

    These last two episodes are going to be interesting to say the least. I'm glad we won't have to wait too long for season 2.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      I think it’s gonna be Akira piloting the last Valvrave too, but I wonder what’s gonna be the catalyst. She needs a huge surge of motivation to want to pilot it, so i’m guessing that Shoko will get all messed up and distraught after learning of the rape, then enemies attack and since Akira likes Shoko she’ll save her. Or something. But gosh yes Haruto is gonna bear the brunt of his own wrath, and he knows that nobody will see him the same way anymore. Both he and Shoko will definitely get torn apart– and as for Saki, indeed she will remain a tragic heroine. Really, unless she had figured out how VVV-tan works, I don’t know what’s she’s thinking to let herself get raped. Damn I wanna figure out what the reproduction and ‘connecting minds as one’ (the Dorssian dude with the eyepatch said something like that?) is all about.

      Noooo! I was cynical about Shoko suggesting having the school festival too, since it was pretty cheesy and stupid that such a frivolous idea would win over the practical ones just because she’s popular. But really, they cannot forget to live even as they are under L-elf’s military training– in fact I think it would be great to have something to work towards to and to unite JIOR but of course they have to be constantly prepared! BUT POOR STUDENT COUNCIL HEAD GUY. Shoko using bonding and fun as the basis of her speech to get her elected is really absurd (but well she gets the votes this way). Fun is secondary, survival comes first especially in the midst of a war…

      Oh man next episode is gonna be a sad one since they have to address the rape and all… thank god for a season two! I wonder if Saki’s child (unconfirmed!) will be featured as one of the protagonists next season. If that’s so, I DEMAND MORE L-ELF SCREEN TIME. But really. Sunrise just had to make the story so serious and strip away all the joy. Guess there’s always a price to pay.

      1. janoosen

        Saki was clearly against it, but resigned after seeing the state Haruto was in. Naturally, she didn’t enjoy it (probably…maybe…I mean who would?) but I think more than letting herself get raped she figured that since she, much like Haruto himself, is a Valvrave pilot and a kindred “holy spirit” she’ll let him unleash his VVV-tan influenced urges on her since she can understand what he’s going through and why he’s doing it. Add her romantic feelings for Haruto on top of that. Any other girl would simply misunderstand and see him as a rapist, so in a way she did him a favor. I imagine Haruto will have Saki promise to keep it a secret and she will agree but only if they spend more “alone time” together (note that I’m not referring to things like what happened in episode 10, but more like dates and the like. Well, maybe both. I can’t read Saki so I have no idea how she thinks). I can see Saki eavesdropping on Shoko’s confession to Haruto, then she pops out and spills the beans about what happened, then Dorssia attacks.

        I honestly sneered at how Shoko was able to wrap everyone around her finger and win the election, it just felt so incredibly generic. On a political, ergonomical and economical scale I think Satomi (student council prez) was a far better choice than Shoko. Despite saying that, Shoko HAS shown remarkable leadership capabilities (or at least holding speeches) but I’m still not sure she’s cut out for it. On the other hand, she and L-Elf compliment each other quite well and make a good combo, so I think things could work out if she and L-Elf worked together. But I still don’t condone, and I stress the don’t, her idea of having a school festival at this point in time. Like you said, having fun and relaxing is very important, but what’s even more important is knowing WHEN to have fun and relax and when to be in serious mode. Shoko seriously lacks in this department.

        I seriously want to know more about VVV-tan. More than being an OS (or AI, I dunno which) it almost feels like it’s alive. When Saki kissed Haruto VVV-tan said (or wrote) “Is this sex?”, showing that she (or it) has an immense amount of interest in human reproduction. This more than confirms that VVV-tan is responsible for his outbursts, that and it seems that whatever VVV-tan writes up on her screen is foreshadowing of what she’ll make Haruto do (see the insertion message at the start of the episode, quite literal now when you think about in past tense). What I would like to know is, if Saki hadn’t stopped Haruto when he was in the elevator with Takahi, would he have raped her or simply bitten her? Because as it is right now it feels like the whole sex thing is exclusive to Saki due to VVV-tan having seen them kiss. This could just be me overthinking things though.

        There’s just…so many mysteries and it feels like my brain is going to implode. I’m not sure we’ll get that many answers these remaining two episodes, but I hope we do. And if we don’t, we better get some major answers in season 2.

        This is very inappropriate since rape is no joking matter, but I couldn’t help but picture this http://25.media.tumblr.com/45758610077a666ac85e832223334089/tumblr_mn4lyz5c7z1s9mwh8o4_500.jpg in my head when Haruto did the deed.

      2. Aleris Celt Post author

        I imagine Haruto will have Saki promise to keep it a secret

        No secrets can be kept from L-elf! None! I bet they’re gonna get figured out instantly and Haruto will spill the beans either way. He’s too honest and uptight. Yeah I found Shoko’s speech superficial, and i’m sure we were all cynical of how such a shallow speech could be so effective– but maybe the students just needed to grasp on to the idea of having things turned back to the way it was before the war, having fun with friends and all. All I can say is that she’s a rough but kind girl that everyone looks up to. Hmm she does help L-elf loosen up and show some cute sides, and he understands her value (in motivating the students and Haruto especially). Optimism is good, but Shoko needs to face reality too and address the more imminent and crucial issues first. Though the festival might be the only way she thinks she could help make everyone feel better in the midst of the war.

        Remember when Haruto tried to bite L-elf too? Or was it VVV-tan’s sexual curiosity at play? ;) I can’t wait to know more about the AI and the immortality and curse. Yes i’ll be looking forward to the last two episodes and the next season. Valvrave is great!

        HAHA L-ELF IS THE BEST and that just reminded me of Yagami Light.. The way he manipulates everyone and his fearlessness is just amazing. Screw the prime minister, L-elf is gonna be the king behind-the-scenes anyway.

  2. YOLO

    I don’t like Haruto. He is a terribly generic and pathetic male lead typical of the last decade. That said, I feel bad for him, Shoko and Saki. This is what happens when you make a deal with the devil. I actually find it fitting that something this extreme happened. It certainly made things potentially interesting.

    It was definitely rape and I don’t agree that Saki should have let him continue. I feel like she took too many liberties with her decision here but I’m glad she finally realizes that this isn’t all fun and games. They have a curse and shit just got real. She seemed extremely resigned so I can appreciate the gravity of what happened. There was nothing but tragedy present here.

    To make it all worse, Shoko is going on about her resolution to confess while it is happening. I feel so bad for her, it is humiliating. She basically just got NTR’d hardcore and it is disgusting. I can only hope Haruto does as I expect and chooses to distance himself from Shoko and end up accepting Saki. He has to, he is not fit for Shoko in any way and is a monster.

    It bothers me because I like Shoko. She may be illogical at times but her personality and cheerfulness is really amazing given all that has happened. Not only is she the strongest female emotionally, she has had more impact on the story than really anyone barring L-Elf. Even Saki, with her twisted personality couldn’t help but respect her. This makes what happened even worse because I don’t feel like Saki really wants to hurt Shoko at all.

    The YOLO speech was kind of funny. Satomi probably would make a good generic leader. I feel like he is a bit too naive to do it though given how he has acted in the past with ARUS and the Valvraves. That is why he couldn’t see the need for the school festival like Shoko. All in all they are stupid kids and like she said this is important considering what may happen.

    So why is Shoko being elected good? Because it is all going according to L-Elf’s plan. He is the real power at play. Not anyone else. Haruto may be the pov character but L-Elf is the star. With Shoko as the figurehead and him in the shadows… what could go wrong? She is probably the only one suited to even dealing with him. Much more so than even Haruto.

    I do feel like L-Elf somehow knows what happened. I have to wonder if in the end he becomes the villain? I have my doubts and feel like he is the most heroic at heart though.

    The girl in the beginning of episode 7 might be Saki herself I suppose and her promise could very well be the one made earlier to Haruto about Mercy-Killing him if he became a monster. I have a hope that they make him an enemy. He was never interesting as a Hero.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      While I find your ideas really interesting, I think you’re way too prejudiced towards Haruto. Yes– he’s a protagonist of the last decade, and he’s one of the characters who doesn’t think much, lacks initiative in truly saving JIOR (yeah he fights but what does he do in his free time? why not come up with battle plans?) and he seems half-assed at times. But to be fair, his burden is a heavy one; Haruto piloting the first Valvrave and saving everyone elevated him to the sort of representative or protector of JIOR, and naturally people baselessly assume that he would protect them from all future attacks. Everyone looks towards him, and he has the weight of the entire nation on him– his every decision must be a representative of the collective.

      While we all get irritated with Haruto only accepting L-elf’s help when he’s about to get screwed over, remember that we are the third-party observers who can blindly admire and trust L-elf since we don’t hold any stakes. But L-elf really is, or at least was a fearsome and capable enemy who could potentially wipe out the existing government should he actually be on Dorssia’s side. Haruto isn’t pathetic. He is blindly responsible, too self-righteous, and while he does what he thinks is right he still seems inadequate because he doesn’t follow through. I also find it frustrating when he spouts lofty nonsense (like going to save Shoko’s dad) but surely he is a more determined character than we think. The fact that he’s morally rigid and extremely typical doesn’t cancel out his good points.

      I expect and chooses to distance himself from Shoko and end up accepting Saki. He has to, he is not fit for Shoko in any way and is a monster.

      Wait, what. How is he a monster? I do think that he should distance himself from every potential victim if he’s still under the influence of VVV-tan. I have no idea why Saki went along with it although she could definitely push him off– hopefully solid reasons will be given next episode. And indeed it’s painful because Haruto will never love Saki, and now he too will never love Shoko without feeling a strong sense of guilt. I don’t know who will end up with who, but cracks will inevitably form on their relationship.

      I do love Shoko too and I think her bright personality is the perfect compliment to both Haruto and L-elf, but L-elf only looks at her as amusement and as a tool for motivating Haruto. Haha you think anyone can deal with L-elf? No matter who the elected prime minister is, L-elf will still be the one pulling all the strings. Also, I don’t think L-elf is heroic; he’s just an anti-hero and he should stay that way– not sway due to something trivial like developing feelings for Haruto and JIOR. He’ll do whatever it takes to get to his goal.

      Indeed, what if Haruto is the one becoming the villain? I think that would be an intriguing plot twist which is why Saki (if it indeed is her) of episode 7 talks about the promise of killing him. But really, the main reason why I think Saki had a child is because I believe that the rape would have a more dark and integral purpose than simply the breaking of relationships. The curse should be more than satisfying lust. Can’t wait to watch the next episodes and season two, surely the plot would have taken a huge turn from now. Saki, Shoko and mainly Haruto are gonna suffer from emotional trauma surely and yet again i’m sure L-elf has had an inkling of the AI and the curse already.

    2. Demons King Moore

      every man has need so do girls so i dont see the problem there both vampires and its not like saki nor Haruto did not have a chose when they said yes to the contract i think saki wanted to make Haruto feel better and lets not forget that saki is just like Haruto so she kns his pain unlike shoko who dont understand anything yet and or wont as for the rape it not like saki trid to fight Haruto off her vary hard i mean she could have bit him and switched body’s come on guys\girls its not hard to figer out rape is bad yes but stuff like sex \rape will be in more and more amine as time goes on so better get use to it guys and if u dont like it then dont watch Ep10 and or dont watch the amine at all me i liked the amine as i fan of vamps type amine and as a hole and yes i liked ep 10 as well call me what u like i dont care and would i rekamnd this amine to my friends yes i would bec valvrave the liberator is a good amine its not the best but its worth a watch

      1. Aleris Celt Post author

        This is what I feel: It’s not about the need (lust), or at least not Haruto’s. Series has ended and up till now there’s no reasonable justification on why the act had to be carried out– rape is serious, and shouldn’t be used randomly just for gimmicks. Yeah I get that the show wanted to make it serious up a notch, but now it seems that the rape was for nothing other than satiating VVV-tan’s curiosity! Guess season II will elaborate on the implications.

        Maybe Saki is more perceptive and understands his battleground dilemmas (damn for such a self-righteous character he doesn’t hesitate to kill enemies even though he freaked out over confessing to Shoko when he lost his humanity). But Shoko is undeniably the one supporting and lifting him up, plus she was the one who made him take up the mantle and have a reason to fight. And her optimism helps; Saki is way too harsh (though realistic) and sly but she is a good girl.

        Yup Valvrave is indeed interesting and worth a watch! Haha the vampire part was largely insignificant to me. Season II is coming, i’m waiting for the worthy L-elf to step up even though he got pwned by the freaking overpowered Cain!!! I already like Blue.

      2. Demons King Moore

        i guess we will see as far as shoko and Harutos being bf and gf goes i dont think it will happen only cuz once shoko finds out that Haruto raped saki that will be the end of shokos love for Haruto and lets be honist saki let him bec she wanted him her self that is why she held Harutos cell down when shoko called and that is why Haruto and saki well ultimately be together in the end bec of the promise they mad however that dose not mean that shoko wont forgive Haruto in time and love him again so who kns and as far as that woman that is saki and the boy is ether sakis and Haruto s or sakis and L-elfs and kirafirefly i think they all have the same abeilty to swich body’s juging from wen saki bit Haruto and took over his body

      3. Aleris Celt Post author

        Okay. Yeah I wanna know who that kid is. Pls don’t be a mini L-elf (though it might be L-elf’s awesome plan to raise an army of genius-fighter prodigy progenies…) Since S2 is probably gonna be about Haruto, L-elf etc building a strong nation from scratch. Well whatever it is, only time will tell ヽ(ʘ‿ʘ)ノ✿

  3. kirafirefly

    True it could be her child but it could be here. We’ve already seen with Haruto how he has basically lived through injuries that would have killed anybody and his body healed. Maybe the others don’t share the same, body taken over as him, but they might be able to heal like that, we haven’t been able to see that.

    As far as genes go, I don’t think people really look at that fact. I mean look at Usagi and Mamoru from Sailor Moon. Their daughter Chibi-usa has pink hair and red eyes, which neither of them have. Also look at Clannad, Ushio looks just like her mother, whereas her father has black hair which would be the dominate trait. So I don’t really think they go by what should happen with genes in anime.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      I’m really curious about the whole immortality and curse issue. Will they really live forever? And what’s the purpose of the ability to swap souls (and the connecting minds thing said by Dorssian eyepatch dude)? And giving in to lust is a price to pay– who exactly is the VVV-tan and why don’t the other Valvraves have AIs? I can’t wait to find out, BET L-ELF ALREADY KNOWS DAMMIT.

      Haha I was joking about the dominant/recessive traits. Anime never follows logic anyways.

  4. Tedkur

    Why would she be her child? It’s been basically confirmed they’re immortal, most likely wouldn’t survive decapitation or something like that, but it’s most likely Saki herself, living those 200or however many years.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      It could be Saki, but I think it’s her child because… IF NOT WHAT WAS THE RAPE FOR?! Reproduction seems like the likely course of events and I believe that the rape would serve a purpose other than simply satiating lust and dampening the mood. But well, we shall see.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Yeah and Haruto is now trying to undo the curse, right? He’ll definitely succeed.

      Edit: Okay… I think they’re still immortal (with the timeskip scenes and all. The last episode will reveal everything!)

  5. Anthony

    When Saki said Shoko had won, she was checking the polls. Shoko won the election, I don’t think it had anything to do with the whole obligation part.

  6. Kasumi Ketchum Pure Crystal(Pokeshipper)

    This review revealed something that I never realized when I watched the episode.
    I did’nt realize SAKI WAS RAPED.Yeah,there was a scene of Haruto tearing Saki’s clothes off her.I really got frustrated at that time”Haruto what the hell are u trying to do.What bout Shoko.U sacrificed u’re life for her and NOW??”but then I thought that Haruto was not conscious at that point of time.

    It’s really saddening that bcoz Saki had a child afterwards.That was true.I really don’t think Saki deserved Haruto.He needs to learn many things.
    He was totally innocent.Moreover Saki did’nt have the thing Haruto liked bout Shoko i.e. she was always optimistic,full of spirit and had a positive attitude and with a cute baby face(of course Saki face is like she is always gloomy and those eyes.They are kind of dead.)

    After that incident I’m sure Haruto would not be able to love Shoko the same as Haruto did before.
    But Saki’s intentions are not totally clear to me.While she was being raped and when she used to spend times with Haruto it was somewhat clear that she liked Haruto too,but after the incident when Haruto asked Saki to marry her(Of course bcoz he knew that he didn’t deserve to face Shoko after all that had happened.He loved Shook more than anything else in the world ^v^) she REJECTED.WOW!!! °^°


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