Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 11: Shoko The Tragic

Wow this episode is so painful to watch. While the Haruto x Saki ship is sailing smoothly, Shoko is left to drown in her despair all alone.

and she doesn't even know about the rape yet

and she doesn’t even know about the rape yet

Here’s a summary of the inevitable but terrible damage Haruto has inflicted on JIOR’s once cheery heroine.

1) Haruto forced himself on Saki.

2) Haruto wasn’t there for her when she needed support.

3) Haruto just killed her dad.


Haruto wasn’t as hysterical and apologetic about raping Saki as I thought he would be, but he was evidently burdened by his actions. I like how both of them were walking in the abandoned streets while the rest in school were happily planning. It’s like how they strayed off the beaten path and only had each other now that Haruto committed such a immoral act. Now Saki is one sly bitch who can effectively get what she wants.

Case 1

Haruto and Saki were watching some movie that Saki starred in. She says:

Family? Friends? No one chose me. I wanted to be chosen, even if by just one person. If my loneliness became our loneliness, then that would have been enough for me.

Now see, saying it so blatantly would mean that she’s guilt-tripping Haruto and he definitely realizes it. But then we realize that she’s just reciting the script of her character in the movie, implying to Haruto that she was joking. But with that mood of course she wasn’t, and Haruto gets double guilt-tripped since he thinks that she was just covering up her true loneliness.

Case 2

In the middle of the fight against Dorssian soldiers, the Dorssian magically broke into (like they literally drilled straight through) Module 77 without the Valvraves stopping them. Haruto was going to go back, and Saki just had to wearily say: Do your best to save Shoko!– which of course prompted a response from Haruto cuz he feels bad and all. And so in the midst of JIORians dying and Dorssians invading and Shoko crying her heart out, Haruto proposes to Saki.



an excited VVV-tan

an excited VVV-tan

Now I really like Saki as a character for she really strives to obtain the best possibilities for herself, she’s unafraid and ready to do anything to advance in life. She’s snarky and materialistic, but foremost she is hard to love because she puts herself first and doesn’t display any emotions of love and care. All I see is her possessiveness towards Haruto– and Haruto wants to marry Saki because he understands her fear of being left alone (indeed, if they’re immortal, it’s wiser that they stick together). He feels obliged too of course, but he only likes her as a friend.

As for Shoko– she has always been one of Haruto’s main reasons to fight. Haruto used to want to protect that optimistic, energetic love of his life and she was always his support. But who was there to help her during her darkest and most stressful time? She had to watch as Haruto use his overpowered Harakiri blade to kill her father. She literally watched her father die right in front of her eyes. L-elf was with her, and L-ELF SEEMED SO TAME IN THIS EPISODE! I really wonder how Shoko is going to become happy again.

Shoko's father. Gonna die.

Shoko’s father. Gonna die.



aaand everything gets destroyed

aaand everything gets destroyed

Now let me talk about the Valvraves. Despite Haruto’s Valvrave having this overpowered ability, I love the blue Valvrave piloted by Kyuuma most. Its defense is basically insane, and it’s multi attack (billions of lasers) kills everyone. Actually all the Valvraves are good attackers, but only the blue one has overwhelming defense and that just makes it’s coolest. As for the last purple Valvrave, yeah Akira is definitely gonna be the pilot. They specially gave her a scene where she went psycho and started hyperventilating and bashing her computer equipment after Shoko talked about the outside world and friends and she had some flashback. So now she has a reason (aka “deep, deep backstory and motivations”) to be adverse to stepping out of her shell, but eventually strong and determined enough to pilot the final Valvrave.

Oh well, this episode was interesting but L-elf is getting too little screen time. I don’t think we’re gonna find out more about his past with the princess by the end of Season 1 though I really want to!!! Hopefully he’ll be there next season (OH GOD BUT HE’S NOT IMMORTAL). I leave you with L-elf’s rape face, the face of an extraordinaire brimming with confidence, smirking with the spirit of Yagami Light residing within him when he knows that everything’s going just as planned when the Dorssians attack.



So by next episode Module 77 will reach the moon and the immortal pilots will depart perhaps? Wait we still haven’t figured out what the reason for resigning one’s humanity is and why there’s only one AI like VVV-tan! I don’t know, I have no idea but I fervently hope for a good ending and a more brilliant Season 2. I give Kakumeiki Valvrave a huge thumbs up.

Meanwhile, Saki is musing about her future:

"SIGH! My husband is going to be... him? :("

“SIGH! I’m really gonna have to marry a guy like that? :(“


6 thoughts on “Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 11: Shoko The Tragic

  1. froggykun

    Just randomly, I think L-Elf and Shoko would make a good couple. Haruto can go have Saki if that’s what he really wants. I think L-Elf is actually kind of interested in Shoko? Hahaha, I wanna see that develop.

      1. Aleris Celt Post author

        Well… looks like you won’t be the only pissed one. L-elf’s pretty pissed off too. Just when he thought he was gonna pwn Cain:


        how DARE you outsmart me

        how DARE you outsmart me

        Well cool, looks like there’s gonna be a whole new plot and lots of explaining to do in season two. And of course i’m gonna watch it.

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