Seasons Come, Seasons Go

This season is ending, and with it my June holidays will end too. SOBS

So here’s my thoughts on this season and the upcoming summer anime.

oh joy, school life!

oh joy, school life!

Firstly, I’VE BEEN BLOGGING TOO MUCH VALVRAVE– every single post I see here is about Valvrave! I usually skip out on episodic reviews because i’d rather read them elsewhere where hordes of comments and discussions are ongoing, but somehow Valvrave is just too fun to talk about. Now here’s my resolution: from now onwards i’m gonna blog only about the things I find compelling and important. I need to stahp with Valvrave even though there’s just one episode left. Unless something important happens.



Really, this season had some of the loveliest anime. Need I mention Kakumeiki Valvrave? Then there’s Hataraku Maou-sama which I hesitated to try because it reminded me of a certain Maou anime the previous season which I didn’t like. But this season’s Maou anime is gold. One of the best comedies that actually interest you every freaking episode. And of course there’s Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru (YES DAMN THE LONG TITLE). Made out of pure brilliance with the best dialogue ever and a lovely, lovely cynical and brutally honest protagonist that makes you enjoy the show, but you’d really have to reflect on yourself afterwards.

As for the others, i’ll just have to say that I dropped Aku no Hana after the first episode because I found it boring even after watching the one on youtube that goes at 1.75x speed. I don’t care what hidden value there is, i’m skeptical about it anyway, and rotoscoping makes it really painful to watch so no. As for Shingeki no Kyojin, the story is top-quality definitely but i’ve read the manga some time back and the anime doesn’t surprise or interest me. Not to mention that the characters look like they’re pasted on the background, and THAT SUCKS :( Suisei no Gargantia? Who is that L-elf wannabe? Ah, Ledo you say? Well then who cares about him!!!! Nah seriously I didn’t even watch one episode of this because of work. Plot seemed good. Too bad L-elf will still be the bishie AND king of silver-haired dudes this season. And uhh Karneval and Devil Survivor 2 came across as plain (the characters, not the color and action) and contrived respectively.

Here’s the Summer 2013 Anime Chart, ripped off from

I’m just going to talk about 4 of them that caught my eye, okay? Just 4.

1. Blood Lad

I bet this is the star of the season. Too bad I read the manga and I won’t watch whatever I read. BUT IT’S GONNA BE GOOD because we have an interesting protagonist, and that alone can carry the show.

2. Free!

The Wild Card of the season. The Nosebleed Inducer. With so much public pressure and expectations, how will this anticipated anime hold? HAHAHA PLS BE GOOD or else everyone’s gonna hate. There will be criticism no matter what but regardless, the chiseled abs and body of dashing athletic teenage boys will attract viewers. I just hope for the best.

3. Wow, what a long title! Oh god doesn’t this sound like Battle Royale. Reminds me of Savanna Game which got axed two seasons ago, and it had so much potential! And reminds me of Devil Survival 2 too. I’ve never really watched a good horror elimination-style anime or whatever this type of plot is called. Characters on the image background look pretty generic for the plot.

4. Gin no Saji: Silver Spoon

I somehow have a huge interest in this. Maybe because the plot makes it sound like an elitist getting reformed and understanding the meaning and hardships of life. Something i’ll never experience, but would definitely like to watch. Plus cow is kewt.

OH and episode 2 of Akito the Exiled will be released in September I think! I need to savour this Code Geass spinoff but the episodes have such a huge interval in releasing dates :( Anyway I won’t be watching any summer anime till a long time because of final exams which are extremely important. I really won’t, i’m staying away from anime and manga! NOT LIKE LAST YEAR WHERE I RANTED AND DESPAIRED ABOUT PROCRASTINATING THE WHOLE TIME

So… all you nonexistent readers please take care and all the best, go read other cool sites! Bye :)


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