Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 18: SUCH BEAUTIFUL LOVE

Can I cry tears of joy now that i’ve witnessed the goddamn adorable reunion between L-elf and the princess?

(*spoilers of the most romantic and downright amazing meeting ever)



He calls her name in his sexy voice

He calls her name in his sexy voice



What a lady killer!

What a lady killer!



No one will understand how absurdly happy I am to have watched that scene. I’m only worrying about the bright green patches on the princess’ body that Cain put on her (what an ASSHOLE). And boy am I glad that the Dorssian lady officer turned about to be an ally as a royalist, yet H-neun who had the most interesting relationship with her died…

And my thoughts on Haruto’s father: well. Saying that he kept his son’s photo with him all along when it turned out to be a gene map is pretty retarded, though it shows his crazy dedication to science. Is creating immortal beings who can pilot the ultra-destructive Valvraves fair? Of course not, since civilians wouldn’t want to submit to an invincible tyrant’s rule, nor would Haruto and his gang want to continue living forever and killing people who are interested in stealing the Valvraves. But when is science ever used fairly, and why would people who can tilt things in their advantage opt for fairness when they could be on the winning side? Such is the selfish world.

One thing I really appreciate about this anime is how they cover both the J1OR and the Dorssian characters fairly, and makes us understand how evil and villainous characters are relative only to your perspective. A-drei, the annoying bob guy, is actually just fighting for what he believes is right– the military country of Dorssia that wants to get their hands on superior technology. He’s just a responsible and kind guy. By the way, my shoujo heart is totally shipping him and Saki together now haha.

Back to L-elf and Princess Lieseloette, my god. I can’t wait to find out more about their past together. It’s like this insanely rational, intellectually superior and crafty and self-sustaining guy giving all he has to rescue Lieseloette. The way I see it now, all of his brilliant plans were all for the ultimate purpose of love (lol)– he didn’t care about abandoning Dorssia and wanted to strengthen up Module 77 and took whatever path he could to reach her. Doesn’t that kinda touch you. And thank god that Lieseloette ain’t some damsel in distress too. She knows her limits well.

Ahh whatever! This episode was awesome and i’m just drunk on Valvrave. Trivia: the meaning of Mikhail is who resembles God? Hmmmmmm.


4 thoughts on “Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 18: SUCH BEAUTIFUL LOVE

      1. Kazuel

        /actually a BL fan/ Uhhhhhh about that… >~>

        Don’t judge it QAQ. /L-elf & Haruto xD . Yes I’m horrid. I’m a little aware about that xD

      2. Aleris Celt Post author

        NOT JUDGING! (I thoroughly appreciate BL too ahaha) Hmm actually that pair’s pretty fine but Haruto’s hero angsts are starting to make me mad. A-and the princess has always been L-elf’s love! Plus she looks like a strong-willed and awesome character, of course I’ll support them all the way :’)

        (thankfully you didn’t say A-drei x L-elf wow imagine that)

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