Yay, 2014! (Winter Anime)

I’m rather late on this, but HELLO THERE 2014 :D

I’ve matured. I’m sure we all have gained morsels of wisdom here and there, and have resolved to start the new year right. I’m not going to make this post a sentimental reflection, because in recent times i’ve been reflecting too much and changing too little.

Let me start introducing the Winter 2014 anime that i’m interested in! Chart is here.

Here's Levi, cos he oozes coolness.

Here’s Levi, cos he oozes coolness.

1. Buddy Complex


Wow, Haruto and L-elf wannabes! Umm it’s a coming-of-age story apparently, and I wonder how good it can get with our protagonist Fake Haruto appearing like yet another typical righteous/zero to hero guy. And of course he has unwavering loyalty to his friends, and a love interest! Well… I was obsessed with Valvrave, so i’m gonna give this a try. Sunrise shall not disappoint.

2. Pupa

I heard that there’s lots of hype for this show.

Just when you think it's wincest...

Just when you think it’s wincest…



PV here! I read the manga– it was gory and depressing. Basically, the siblings led a miserable life as children because they had a jerkish, abusive father. Their misery increased tenfold when the sister, Yume, contracted a virus and became a flesh-eating monster. Yet she’s just a innocent little girl who can’t bear to eat innocent humans, so whose flesh does she consume? The very flesh of her loving, supportive and crazy stoic brother of course! This is basically a horror anime featuring two poor, poor young kids with the worst luck ever, that have an unnaturally strong bond between them. It should be renamed “Life Sucks”.

3. Hamatora

It gives out Project K vibes! And it’s about a group special people who have powers known as ‘minimum’ or ‘minor miracle’. Based on the picture above, they also think that they’re too cool for you. Sigh, if I had some amazing supernatural power, i’d be arrogant as hell and exclusive with my bunch of cool friends too. Hope the characters are interesting and good enough to pull the story through!

4. Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil



5. Nobunaga the Fool

This show just casually mashed Jeanne d’Arc, Leonardo da Vinci, Oda Nobunaga and some “Star Messiah” together. There’s war and romance. Looks good.

And that’s it! Honestly i’m not sure if I’ll have much time to blog because i’ll finally be starting Junior College in mid-Jan (OH GOD, BOYS! A mixed school, at last! W-will I find my prince?) and besides the horrendous amount of studying and catching up that i’ll be forced to undertake, i’ll be much busier with all the new adjustments. Having done it for Valvrave, I actually find that doing episodic reviews is one of the best way to appreciate and unleash your love for that anime. Plus it’s damn fun, but I probably won’t have the time to do it. Also, here’s a short list of 2013 anime that I regret not completing (maybe i’ll read this post 890142 years later and finally watch them)!

  • Psycho Pass
  • Shinsekai Yori
  • Shingeki no Kyojin (get me to read the manga pls)
  • Gin no Saji
  • Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio
  • Eh, this is from 2012, but I haven’t finished Hyouka :(

The excitingness/busyness of real life is probably what causes the gradual erasure of anime from one’s life, since real life becomes very real or appealing to you, and there isn’t a need to indulge in this mythical world. I don’t think i’ll leave the animanga sphere anytime soon, but I might be around less often (:


S2 for Sword Art Online is confirmed. It’s the Gun Gale arc, Phantom Bullet.

The response from SAO fans:

The response from anime bloggers:

Eh, fine, we'll just join in the crowd and see how SAO can impress us

Eh, fine, we’ll just join in the crowd and see how SAO can impress us

And there’re more arcs anyway, SAO can have as many seasons as it wants!


Here’s a real picture to pull you back to reality:



My mum got me that wonderwoman keychain (actually she won it so it was free) to remind me to be strong! All the best for 2014, everyone. Try harder :)


30 thoughts on “Yay, 2014! (Winter Anime)

  1. tsuruhami

    Buddy Complex
    This look like Valvrave carbon copy. Just hope there’s no fridging women for fueling manpain.

    I cannot stand the father. Such an abusive misogynist father. I wonder why he isn’t at jail, yet? Still will watch this.

    Nobunaga The Fool
    Bishie is good at all, but most likely they’re carbon copy from another animu. In fact, by seeing the promo art, I can guess 90% of their personality (the kuudere guy, the tsundere/hot-headed guy, Ms fanservice, the kind and soft-spoken imouto, etc) I bet there’s fanservice too.

    The rest is fine. If anime have (baddas) female protagonist, I will more likely to watch it. Bishie is good at all, but girl over boy. Sister over bros.

    P.S: Those WW keychain is cute.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Buddy Complex: Ermahgerd. Have you watched the first episode? I feel so tempted to do a post on it but i’ll just be making fun of it :(

      Pupa: Through all the depressing shit and hardships, the characters remain tough. They hang on for each other which is pretty sweet, and there’s still so much left to find out about (BLACK-HAIRED DUDE). Might be sick and macabre, but at least it’s intriguing.

      Nobunaga the Fool: HAHA, bishies are good indeed! Yeah, the PV showed an underlying romance between one couple, but seems like there’s gonna be lots of action too. Plus animation looks decent. Will try.

      Feminism really runs in your veins, doesn’t it? I’ve got a really good shoujo manga recommendation for you: Tomodachi no Hanashi. Tell me if you like it :)

      1. tsuruhami

        Buddy Complex: Yes! So far, it look good. The twist is okay. Hope it will be awesome series.

        Pupa: In fact, I know a blogger that think this is ~incest~ I only read 3 chapter, but is there really incest there?

        Ah, thank you for the rec!

  2. 117

    It seems I am going to watch this Pupa because it looks really interesting hmmmm
    Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil IS A MUST WATCH FOR ME BECAUSE it looks awesome and it is done by ARMS

    But when I saw there still no Ga rei or tokyo ESP I felt sadness…………….

    1. Aleris Celt Post author


      Haha I bet you were saddest about there being no Valvrave S3! Honestly though, this batch of winter anime doesn’t seem very appealing. There isn’t anything particularly outstanding, but I guess we’ll have to watch it to know.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      For me the first episode was just okay… I think I might do a post on it after seeing the second episode. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE PLOT AND ACTION. And man, the two protagonists really bear an uncanny resemblance to Haruto and L-elf (what the hell, but at least Aoba has a different personality). And that Saki girl. C’mon, have some variation in character design!

      1. 117

        yes they look alike Hina and Saki but I don’t care because I was in Saki side anyway hahahaha

        I think the second episode will be Aoba piloting and kicking ass then who are you things will also come up and the plot

        Their uniform should really change designs because they look like from Gundam seed

  3. medievalotaku

    Is it me or does the heroine of Wizard Barristers look much like Mikura of the series Mezzo? You should watch that fun 13 episode series if you haven’t. I will say, the resemblance between the two characters is enough for me to check out Wizard Barristers.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      HAHAHA the plot of Mezzo Forte is certainly… intriguing! (pfft it has hentai elements in it too?! I’ll most certainly go check it out.) and YES the characters look very similar.

      1. 117

        When it is done by ARMS you can always expect hentai elements or something that falls into that category but i am a little surprised that Wizard Barristers did not had much of those element on the first episode. Still it has great animation and a compelling story for me to keep watching.

      2. medievalotaku

        Never seen Mezzo Forte. I’ve made it a rule to avoid hentai. But the TV series Mezzo is hilariously quirky with some great action. And I love the way Luci Christian voices the main character.

        But, if you want something more serious, Mezzo Forte is probably up your alley.

      3. Aleris Celt Post author

        Wait… I was confused so I went to check it up… I think Mezzo Forte is the prequel (OVA) of Mezzo. HAHA i’ll just watch em’ all! Thanks for the recommendation :D

  4. innasuu

    I read Pupa; the concept is interesting but I heard that the anime adaptation was very poor, so I’m not going to watch it. Besides, I have to catch up on all the 2013 anime that I’ve missed.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      I MISS ERUERUFU TOO but i’m so busy right now sorry :( You can try using searching for him using zerochan.net, it’s where I used to find all my anime pictures :D


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