About This Otaku

Hello :)

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  • I’m a shoujo-romance lover who swoons at hotsexyperfect bishies.
  • But I appreciate every genre too, from horror to slice-of-life!
  • I love coolass sword-wielders and magic-users.

I’ve been shackled, drugged by anime and ended up in slumps where I had no single motivation to do anything but breathe anime. I’ve also felt the compelling need to hide the fact that I love anime from all of my friends and family, and quell my indignant rage when others mock or state such a misconstrued opinion of it. I have been a coward, delusional in my chuunibyou phase (i’m hoping to be a dragon still please), and extremely ugly as a human.

Well, what do you expect of someone calls herself an otaku so proudly and casually– before even considering the word’s context?

As of now, I wish to become a better person. You could say that we’re all wholly imperfect characters constantly in the process of polishing ourselves. I’ve always had a persisting interest in anime since young and I don’t think i’ll ever give it up, but reality is definitely more crucial.  So I believe in thinking through issues and satisfying your own ego by believing that anime should not be a source of shame, but that it’s something to learn from and to love.

I post irregularly on anything really, from episodic reviews to personal rants to discourse, laments, and observations of the anime world :) Hopefully you’ll enjoy the content! Look at the blogroll for the alpha sites though.

Do I sound too lofty and hypocritical because I haven’t even done my math homework.

Edit: Calling a paranoid person paranoid hits a raw nerve, but it’s true that i’m pretty damn mistrustful. This blog is the gateway into all of my innermost vulnerabilities and insecurities, so if you happen to know me personally, you have had a glimpse into a perhaps darker, perhaps more immature, or perhaps more pensive side of me, all of which sum up the person I am. Keep this site to ourselves, please.

And here I go by the name Aleris Celt, always contactable at: revytheotaku@hotmail.com                                                                   —————————————————————————————————————————–

  • Reasons why I blog about anime here!
  • And if you’re wondering about the origins of the blog’s name, just read this.

17 thoughts on “About This Otaku

  1. mlatimerridley

    Ah for sure, shoujo is king. And anime and manga have some of the best love stories! :) can’t wait to see more reviews! I need someone to keep me in suggestions!

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Yeah! Being a total fan of romance, I just can’t stop reading anything in this genre. Haha, sure I’ll try to write more reviews and thank you for dropping by :D

  2. hisa

    hello XD just happen to see your post on noblesse forum of MangaFox. Happen to be a so similar too :) nice to meet ya XD I dont hope for noblesse to end though…cause its like my most favourite korean webtoon. >_< that aside, nice blog you have here :) i forgot when i stop mine alr :/

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Hello there! I see, nice to meet you too. Same here, Noblesse is like the awesomest and coolest and most hilarious webtoon ever and it’s what made me addicted to reading other webtoons! I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon too– can’t wait to read more :)

      Thank you haha then maybe.. could I read your blog? Surely you should continue if you want to :D

  3. anime\manga lover

    Hi! I don’t know if you still remember me but I really want to ask you if you have a FB account and if you know some romantic comedy manga could you please tell me some

    1. Revy Post author

      Yes of course, hi! Hmm sorry.. i’m trying not to reveal any personal info here, so I can’t direct you to my FB, but you can always email me (revytheotaku@hotmail.com) anytime! And omg yes there’s this awesome one, Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 that i’ve been reading (what happened to abstinence during exam period xD). IT’S SO GOOD.

  4. Alt :))

    Hello there! I’m a teenage otaku from the Philippines, but I happen to be younger than you ( 13 years of age, to be specific). It’s very nice to meet you!

    I’m a sucker when it comes to romance too, and specially bishies. :) Since you also like this kind of genre, I suggest reading Hibi Chouchou. It’s very sweet anyway.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Now I have more manga to read, and anime to watch. Perfect for spending my leisure time since I’ve been very busy the past few weeks.

    Goodbye for now!


    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      :) Hey there, it’s great to meet you! Oh yes i’ve been reading Hibi Chouchou and yup– it’s such a pure and delightful romance, one of the cutest ever. I’m glad you stopped by– you’ve gotta treasure your shining youth aka the only time you’ll ever flourish based on manga xD (i’m beginning to dread time passing too quickly..) And all the best, I know it sucks to be weighed down by commitments and work. Don’t give in to stress.

  5. BlondieOtaku

    This is a really cool blog! I am also an otaku who loves shoujo manga and anime, but I come from the United States. I came across your blog from your signature on MangaFox. I hope to see lots of updates on your blog!! (^__^)

  6. 123

    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, it’s basically a metablogging thing. If you want to participate, the rules and questions are here http://wp.me/p2Xeqk-qo. If you don’t feel like it, just take it as a sign that I like your blog ^_^


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