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No Contact Rule

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Incoherent Updates lol

Sunday nights are always full of regrets, says a friend. Homework is left unfinished, and the dream of reinventing yourself as an enthused, intellectual student is broken. There’s gonna be another sleepless night, another hectic week, another purposeless routine.

A picture that may or may not be relevant, but it's okay because it looks symbolic enough.

Sup’? Can’t you see that i’m a mysterious, cool guy filled with angst and pain in my life? I just want to be free and to liberate the world from pain.

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I have been, and will be mediocre my whole life. I obviously won’t live to become any revolutionary activist, electrifying trailblazer, or gutsy firebrand. I’m the type of average person who feels terribly sad and unjust on behalf of the malnourished, exploited third-world citizens, yet I will never lift a finger to help them. Verbally, I may lambast and lampoon the cruelty and deviousness of selfish humans. And still yet, i’ll go on living comfortably and taking hour-long baths (whoops, that could have been a week’s worth of water resource for some Nepalese family). 

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