Star Posts

Here are some of my favourite posts, after filtering through my spam and rants:

Dec 2013: Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 24 (Finale): So… Haruto Died –love the input from viewers!

Dec 2013: Mediocrity –I am a piece of shit

June 2013: Anime, Aniblogging, and Me –an editorial that I go back to read at times, an essential piece explaining the origins of this blog

June 2013: Why People Hate Mikasa –fascinating comments section that I had so much fun discussing in

Feb 2013: What does the Humble Commoner Think of Anime? –reading back, I laughed

Dec 2012: Username Dilemma –chuunibyou A F

Nov 2012: Anti-Anime Sentiments –times of an innocent and young Aleris

I’ve made many embarrassing posts and shitty poems private lol but fine, content in general is still mediocre and looking back, some of them ultra funny (like, in a laughable way), but i’m proud of passingotaku either way. Proud of the content, and proud of the love I had for anime.

Stay on if you enjoy what I write and what people discuss, and the door is always open for you on the way out :) Please do tell me what you guys enjoy reading, as well as room for improvements etc, i’d like to hear from my dear readers.


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