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Yay, 2014! (Winter Anime)

I’m rather late on this, but HELLO THERE 2014 :D

I’ve matured. I’m sure we all have gained morsels of wisdom here and there, and have resolved to start the new year right. I’m not going to make this post a sentimental reflection, because in recent times i’ve been reflecting too much and changing too little.

Let me start introducing the Winter 2014 anime that i’m interested in! Chart is here.

Here's Levi, cos he oozes coolness.

Here’s Levi, cos he oozes coolness.

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Anime, Aniblogging, and Me

I hadn’t seriously thought about it, but in retrospection I know that what draws me to anime would really be the characters. Some are intrinsically kings of kings with intelligence and strength, ruthlessness and ambition, tenacity and hope; others keep fumbling, despairing and struggling– but essentially they all have a steely resolve and they just keep going. I admire them so much because I want to be them. I want to be able to unflinchingly forge ahead despite the pain; I want to give my all for the goal i’ve been yearning for; I want to unhesitatingly put my life on the line, to bet it all, for myself, my friends, and my world. I think that’s what makes anime so attractive to me.

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Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 10: Saki’s Rape

Gosh, such a controversial episode that I just had to talk about it!

My, my! Perfect timing!

My, my! Perfect timing!

Darkest episode of Valvrave ever as rape comes into play. Not to mention that the scenes were so vivid (obvious thrusting) and ugly, probably meant to scar viewers. Some people are screaming rape, some people are angry because they think this sudden development isn’t necessary. Continue reading

Kakumeiki Valvrave: All Hail King L-Elf

Someone tell me– can L-elf get anymore suave? I swear the main character in this show is not Haruto anymore. He’s on a calibre of his own, with wits and foresight and amazing physical abilities. The fangirl alarms are resounding oh so melodiously. He’s just destined for great things and did you see how he single-handedly turned JIOR into a country that could protect himself even against the mighty Dorssia? Wow, I swear the way they humanized L-elf was brilliant. And flashbacks into his past? Anyone who saw how amazingly atrociously adorable L-elf was would have fallen in love already.



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2-D Girls Are Sexual Deviants

Rape! Sex! Boobs! Meh all of you desensitized fools probably just rolled your eyes. But listen. This post is for all of you silly girls hankering for a dangerous romance– and by dangerous, I mean bordering on rape. See, I realized how about 40% of people got onto this site. It sucks, but you guys search for these terms.


urgh X2

Now, whoever typed out the one truth that L-elf is a bad boy deserves a hug. But what’s with the ‘please fuck me anime’?! Wanna hear more of such search terms? The weirdest one was something about Pokemon Yaoi. But I mainly sense a slightly misconstrued shoujo spirit hovering around. And i’m sure that it can all be summed up by one huge misconception best represented by some girl searching about this: manga where girl gets raped by guy who loves her. Continue reading

Why People Hate Mikasa

Firstly, this is just my opinion. Secondly, I’d like to say that I haven’t been watching the anime although I did read the manga some time ago (so watching it is no fun– i’ll marathon the manga once it’s completed)! Pardon me if i’m being obvious but I just needed to rant about something.


Especially during the first two episodes (including a scene where Mikasa punched Eren), people started hating on Mikasa. Here’s some reasons why. Continue reading