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First Impressions: Kakumeiki Valvrave

There is one huge reason why you should watch Kakumeiki Valvrave.

My Beautiful L-elf

Look at him. Silver hair, purple eyes with such a piercing glance. Those handsome features. His insane skills, his cold manner and his warm personality beneath. And his sad past. HAHAHAHAHA WHAT A STEREOTYPICAL VILLIAN but he’s totally my type! For once i’m so glad that while the good guy Haruto is the main protagonist, my perfect bishie L-elf seems like he’s gonna get decent coverage as one of the main characters too. Continue reading


More Romance And My Selfish Thoughts

I have returned, with more… shoujo. Oh shoujo! It is thee that bestows upon us young, fair maidens with multitudes of dreamy delusions, subtly drawing out our delicate emotions and tears with such innocuous and poignant tales. At the finale, the point where one story ends and the search for another begins, I can only feel saudade, such bitterness but also contentment.

…what’s up with that pretentious, flowery diction you say?! Do not be alarmed, farmer. It is merely an attempt, a valiant, honest effort at sounding cultured. Begone, vulgarities! Vocabulary, I shall uphold thee upon your righteous name! …okay I shall move on. Continue reading