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FREE! The Swimming Anime Is Confirmed!!!!!

To all of you suckers who don’t know about it, you will be hearing the best piece of news in your life.

HARK! Listen up and gather round, kids! All you lonely girls craving for sexy bishies animated in color with eargasmic seiyuus need not wait any longer. Wait, actually, you’ll have to wait for slightly more than 2 months. Because the coolest swimming anime has arrived.



Those late on the uptake should read this news. July is the month. The month of hope and dreams, of fangirling and indulging on a feast for the depraved eyes.


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The Bishounen of Your Dreams Have Come

Hey you there!

Hungering for gorgeous bishies? 

Searching for that irresistible, charming, fiery guy?

Well… Look no further!

I present to you, a small picture collection of beautiful characters from Wand of Fortune!

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Rivalry Against K-pop, Because Anime.

LIFE IS GOOD! I just came back from Malaysia today and shopping there was so fun. And there were two anime shops there…….. that played K-pop songs– i’m not anti-K-pop or anything but there’s always this sort of obligatory animosity towards K-pop when you’re an anime fan. Doesn’t anyone else feel it?! Before I start ranting, let me try to illustrate my dilemma.




Look at them both. Look at the first, beautiful, irresistible being and kowtow. T Then stare at the second bishie with his smoldering, arrogant gaze and his lithe figure. Continue reading

DON’T Call Anime A Cartoon

I don’t know, maybe anime, which is truly an ‘animation’, may be a subset of cartoons or something. BUT! It just hits a terribly sore spot when you call it a cartoon because cartoons come with the general idea and connotation of being childish and… lame.

We were talking about The Girl Who Leapt Through Time which our whole family watched, and when referring to it, my mum called it ‘that cartoon‘. GOSH I was so irked. It might not have had awesome visuals, but the plot was so good it nearly made me cry and the soundtrack was awesome too! Speaking of other such great movies, those by Hayao Miyazaki are pretty good! I watched Howl’s Moving Castle and it was so strange but cool :) Yes and the theme song was pretty good. I’ll post it here.

You know, Sungha Jung (THAT FAMOUS GUITARIST THAT’S SO GOOD) actually played a cover of that song too but I thought that it sounded better on the piano :P

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Arcana Famiglia

So there’s this really random anime that I really randomly chanced upon, and it’s Arcana Famiglia. Watching it made me smile :)

Currently there’s only 3 episodes out on Animeseason so I can’t really judge this. It’s not a very unique or interesting anime, but it’s exactly the type of story that I like :D Not your usual romance and shoujo. It’s about this girl who belongs in an organization full of vigilantes who are all ‘arcana-users’, which means that each of them have an individualized power (e.g. mind reading, invisibility, strength) which is allocated by some ‘card’. Continue reading


I can’t believe I started on this so late, but I found one hell of an amazing webtoon.

KUBERA!!! If you haven’t read it, go read it now. It’s an amazing fantasy and adventure webtoon with hints of romance and is even tagged as shounen which means that it caters to practically everyone and it has hot and gorgeous and badass and cool characters and even real comedy to keep you amused so it’s definitely a must read.

Read it or Asha will cut off one of your ears. Anyway, Kubera is a damned good webtoon. The only devastating thing is that its not complete, and probably far from being complete. Continue reading