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Random Musings

So yeah hi! What do I feel like right now?

A terrible spoilt brat. And obviously it has got to do with homework. After all, that’s a 15-year-old student’s greatest nemesis, right? And it’s gotta do with the fact that it’s 2am. I’m turning nocturnal nowadays. Not that i’m complaining, but I get so tired and sleep in class. And I realized yesterday during recess that my classmates were passing down this message, which was to all stare at me. Yeah I was sleeping in an awkward position and I didn’t even realize my classmates’ evilness. Wait but that’s not the point. Continue reading


Otakus Unite

Greetings, wanderers. I’m simply another anime and manga lover here to openly express my obsession with them. Peace.

Me, I personally am absolutely addicted to anything anime-related. Despite countless attempts to curb my addiction, anime evidently grips me tighter than my resolve, so here I am. I love those beautiful girls with iridescent eyes and cute expressions, as well as dashing and cool guys (oh, did I ever mention my fetish about silver-haired guys with heterochromia-eyes with different colors- and either wielding a badass weapon or with supernatural powers. I simply adore that type!).

Dashing boys, aren’t they? Well, besides manga/anime, I also enjoy webtoons (Yes, Noblesse, yes.) and I love hearing Vocaloid songs and somehow, their lyrics are always more meaningful to me.

Basically, I’m an otaku and I’m here, just passing by :)