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Reasons Why The Anime Jerk Always Gets The Girl

You know it. Whenever you start a shoujo manga, and you get introduced to some rich, arrogant and perfect prince (of the school), someone the heroine either hates or admires, that she is ultimately going to end up with him. It doesn’t matter how many nice-guy-rivals there are to obstruct their dramatic romance. Haughty guys gets the girl any day.

There’s a simple reason for this: WE NEED A STORY, DUH!!! If the girl gets together with a nice guy and they start an ideal and peaceful relationship, how’s our story going to develop?! Sure, there might be circumstances that break them apart, but since the guy is so nice, he’ll solve all the problems, comfort and love the girl, and the conflict is easily resolved. We can’t have such a simplistic story– readers want more. They need excitement, they need to get their emotions messed up and get caught up in the riveting plot. Continue reading


PROJECT K IS SO GOOD!!!!!!11!!!!!1!

I am in love with Project K. It’s just so addictive, once you start, you’d get so hooked onto the gorgeous visuals, cranky characters, hilarious scenarios and cool music. I don’t know how to describe the background music. It kinda puts you in a trance because it’s so tranquil but serious and it makes you feel like something big is gonna happen you know!?!? OH AND I LOVE THE ENDING SONG. IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Ahhhh gosh. So I just watched episode 4, and I can’t wait for more! (yes that rhymes) And Neko is getting strangely attractive to me now.

IS SHE NOT CUTE?????! Continue reading