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Anime, Aniblogging, and Me

I hadn’t seriously thought about it, but in retrospection I know that what draws me to anime would really be the characters. Some are intrinsically kings of kings with intelligence and strength, ruthlessness and ambition, tenacity and hope; others keep fumbling, despairing and struggling– but essentially they all have a steely resolve and they just keep going. I admire them so much because I want to be them. I want to be able to unflinchingly forge ahead despite the pain; I want to give my all for the goal i’ve been yearning for; I want to unhesitatingly put my life on the line, to bet it all, for myself, my friends, and my world. I think that’s what makes anime so attractive to me.

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Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 3: Dawn of the Lelouch

This episode highlights L-elf’s badassery at its finest. And recapitulates all of the crazy events that are going on, bringing in politics… and Code Geass. I never knew that these two series had the same screenwriter :O Come, without further ado, let us explore the wonders of Kakumeiki Valvrave.

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Horror– It Intrigues Everyone

So.. i’ve got manga recommendations.

Hah. Why is Kougami here– of course it’s because he has that badass hero appearance!

I’ve recently been fascinated by the horror genre, and went on a rampage for such manga. There were many sick ones, lame ones, mild ones, but finally i’ve found two that were really enthralling. The intrinsic curiosity that draws us to gore is nothing special, just primitive. Nowadays seeing acts of violence is fairly common anywhere on the web or in games, and this is translating to real brutality in everyday life. Continue reading

More Romance And My Selfish Thoughts

I have returned, with more… shoujo. Oh shoujo! It is thee that bestows upon us young, fair maidens with multitudes of dreamy delusions, subtly drawing out our delicate emotions and tears with such innocuous and poignant tales. At the finale, the point where one story ends and the search for another begins, I can only feel saudade, such bitterness but also contentment.

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