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Akame ga Kiru

This is it. You absolutely cannot miss out on this manga!! A rare treasure that i’ve finally unearthed!!!!!!

So I was feeling bored and unloved, and hence set off on a quest to find a beautiful shoujo that would make my heart thump and my cheeks redden (no, that never happens. I only get shivers when a manga becomes too good for me xD). And obviously while searching for the romance/shoujo/comedy genres I scrolled through every page and realized, “WTH. I’VE ACTUALLY READ THEM ALL. EVEN THE CRAPPY ONES.” Shoujo manga otaku, indeed.

BUT THEN, while I let my options run more broadly and only checked the ‘romance’ tag, I FOUND IT. A GOOD MANGA. AKAME GA KIRU!!!!

(No, this is a totally unrelated picture of Kuroshitsuji. A cute picture was required to get into my extremely happy mood now.) Continue reading


Arcana Famiglia

So there’s this really random anime that I really randomly chanced upon, and it’s Arcana Famiglia. Watching it made me smile :)

Currently there’s only 3 episodes out on Animeseason so I can’t really judge this. It’s not a very unique or interesting anime, but it’s exactly the type of story that I like :D Not your usual romance and shoujo. It’s about this girl who belongs in an organization full of vigilantes who are all ‘arcana-users’, which means that each of them have an individualized power (e.g. mind reading, invisibility, strength) which is allocated by some ‘card’. Continue reading