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Would You Admit To Reading Yaoi?


..Of course I can holler this here, or anywhere on the internet anonymously, but no way in hell am I doing it in real life. So this is what happened. I started talking to my friends about watching anime and the conversation went on to me going to cosplay as Asuna from Sword Art Online one day, and it escalated to my friend commenting that the outfit looked like something right out of hentai shit and her daring me to disagree, because “Who knows more about Hentai than me?”

And then the topic became Yaoi. And  not only one person– somehow, quite a couple of friends actually openly admit to reading and enjoying Yaoi and even people who are not really into anime eagerly pop into the conversation. Like whaaaaaaat.

Let’s not mention the fact that firstly, we’re underage to be reading this stuff. Okay I sound like a stupid goody-two-shoes. But when you say stuff like, “oh I read Yaoi and Hentai” in real life, you’re actually admitting that you read porn brazenly. Fine. Now that I think about it, there’s nothing wrong in this day and age anyway. Since i’m pretty sure that EVERY otaku reads at least smut or ecchi manga and even I wouldn’t believe anyone who says they don’t. So maybe my friends know that I do read Yaoi. I indulge in it so much, lol. Continue reading


A Girl’s Emotional Turbulence

It could be PMS, or maybe it’s just my pent up feelings as a girl (I don’t know about guys). But there are times in this world that I just feel so screwed up, so stupid and so empty. Maybe it’s a major teenage identity crisis again, but I’ll never forget the dark periods in my life this year and last year when I couldn’t even say that I was alive.

I was seriously like that, during the end-year exam period last year. I didn’t see the purpose of me living and felt like absolute shit, because I had no purpose in life. I was completely absorbed by anime, but even while reading manga I was stricken by guilt because there were ongoing exams, but I continued reading. I just reading on and on. Continue reading

Tolerance VS Acceptance (Prose-ish)

Haven’t we all realized? There’s a paramount difference between tolerance and acceptance, and upon reflecting I think that I have been tolerating more than I should have been, leading to a very nasty feeling stirring within me, right after I had a quarrel with my friend. In the end, both of us refused to back down, but I apologized. Why?

Positively thinking, I told myself that it was because I had valued the friendship more than my pride. But this was definitely a case of simply tolerance, for I did not accept her words at all. And there’s a limit to everyone’s patience.

Continue reading

Let’s Create An Otaku Club

Isn’t that idea brilliant!? I’ve been considering it a lot recently because it seems like an awesome idea :D When I go to JC (Junior College), I’ll be able to propose the notion of creating a new club and what better suggestion is there than an OTAKU CLUB? :)

A gathering of like-minded otakus! Okay. So obviously this club is going to be Japanese related, and we’ll all share our passion about anime/manga but what will we actually do? Continue reading