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Why People Hate Mikasa

Firstly, this is just my opinion. Secondly, I’d like to say that I haven’t been watching the anime although I did read the manga some time ago (so watching it is no fun– i’ll marathon the manga once it’s completed)! Pardon me if i’m being obvious but I just needed to rant about something.


Especially during the first two episodes (including a scene where Mikasa punched Eren), people started hating on Mikasa. Here’s some reasons why. Continue reading


Anti-Anime Sentiments

Sometimes, when one reads manga too excessively, hungering purposelessly for more and reading it for the sake of reading it, one will feel sad. Then a post such as this one will be written after retrospection. Because right now I do feel sad and unproductive and stupid and i’m starting to want to hate anime. In my context actually, anime is a waste of time.

FFFFFFUUUUU no fuck me for saying that, but I really think so. What is anime? Anime is a hobby, an obsession just like many others out there like K-Pop, and anime is nothing special. An anime fan is pretty much the same as a Harry Potter Fan or a Twilight fan. Anime is entertainment, just as watching a movie is. And fact is, for my case at least, anime is a waste of a lot of time, period. Don’t you think that reading books is a much better option than watching anime? By reading books, you enhance your linguistic abilities, seek deeper thoughts and themes and get pulled in by the fantastic writing. Reading manga/watching anime is the lazy version of reading books. Too lazy to read all those pages, so instead, by reading manga, you get visual aids with conversational dialogue only.

How can reading manga be better than reading books? Books are definitely more beneficial. Continue reading