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Horror– It Intrigues Everyone

So.. i’ve got manga recommendations.

Hah. Why is Kougami here– of course it’s because he has that badass hero appearance!

I’ve recently been fascinated by the horror genre, and went on a rampage for such manga. There were many sick ones, lame ones, mild ones, but finally i’ve found two that were really enthralling. The intrinsic curiosity that draws us to gore is nothing special, just primitive. Nowadays seeing acts of violence is fairly common anywhere on the web or in games, and this is translating to real brutality in everyday life. Continue reading


Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita

This freakshow. Call it Humanity has Declined, or Jintai for short. I mean, I had read up on this and heard that it was not all as it seemed, but I was HORRIFIED!!! This anime is a trap –the cute, innocent characters against a lovely setting hides this scary and utterly freaky whole concept of what people do during extreme times, and a terrible scenario. I’ll talk about the plot later.

Just look at this cuteness.

Why don’t be tricked. This anime is really cruel, they give you such cute characters with cute voices (I mean the seiyuus), but it’s all just a facade that hides the evil intents.

Basically, this is set in a long time in the future where humans have regressed and food sources are rapidly declining. And there are fairies in this show. Fucking fairies. (what is wrong with me?? I shouldn’t swear)

To be honest, I only watched one episode and about 5 mins of the second. But what compelled me to write this post is the sheer peculiarity of this anime. It’s so evil that it’s wickedness is seeping through and the cute animations just make it worse. You know like how during some horror movie they start playing kindergarten songs? The effect is something like this. Dude. I read mature seinen manga and I get used to the gore and the scary shit, but this one freaks me out. I think I just can’t stand the building tension. Continue reading

Oh The Horror (Seinen Recommendations)

So.. it’s 1am now, and I’ve just finished reading Eternal Sabbath, a seinen manga. I’m going to recommend two seinen mangas here, but before that, I AM FREAKING SCARED RIGHT NOW!!! Omg, this brings me back to why I should never read horror manga especially at night. I’m just all paranoid about monsters and psychotic killers now. Now don’t you worry, I’m not talking about gory and disgusting manga like.. Ichi the Killer? The first one is quite mild (and not horror but still a cool seinen).

Okay so you see this cool looking dude here? Good. Read Eternal Sabbath. Continue reading