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Let’s Create An Otaku Club

Isn’t that idea brilliant!? I’ve been considering it a lot recently because it seems like an awesome idea :D When I go to JC (Junior College), I’ll be able to propose the notion of creating a new club and what better suggestion is there than an OTAKU CLUB? :)

A gathering of like-minded otakus! Okay. So obviously this club is going to be Japanese related, and we’ll all share our passion about anime/manga but what will we actually do? Continue reading


The Truly Talented

You know, I’ve always wanted to be in a band (hey, I play the piano, though I know nothing about the keyboard xD). It always seems so badass and cool when you get to play whatever you want, whenever, in a band with friends. This desire got even stronger after I watched k-on! You know, that super cute band anime that I bet has inspired thousands.

In the anime, they look much cuter and more chibi but hell, the sight above is exactly part of what I’ve always wanted to be and somehow can never be :( Continue reading