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SORRRRYYYYYY ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!! I’m just frustrated because the puny pathetic painful one-week March holidays are as good as gone and being the lazy ass that I am, no work had been completed. AND NOW I’M STRESSING. But still procrastinating. I swear I have the attention span of an ant and i’m just the epitome of an unproductive slob. No matter how far I think i’ve matured or gotten in life, i’m still the same old slouchy dreamer.

Okay I can’t give up on myself, so bye. But in case you haven’t heard of it, here’s something for all of you who are desperately hunting for bishies. The Swimming Anime. (You have got to watch the PV) I really hope it gets produced because the characters are just too dashing. Ok. I need discipline. Can. Can. Akikan. Can.

C’mon we can do this…..


The Day I Woke Up At 12 AM

You know how at times, when you fall asleep with a shitload of uncompleted work awaiting you, and your wise brain plus concerned conscience decides to wake you up at 12am to give you a chance of redemption, a chance to clear away those terrible assignments? Well, it happened to me, and I had the choice or doing either Physics homework or Math exercises or Chinese worksheets or an English quiz or a thousand other of such chores. So, what did I do?

…I read manga of course.

Sigh, I felt just like the time I created this blog months ago– unmotivated and shitty. Anime was like a refuge, but also a pitfall. Anyway, I was emotionally unstable and crying at even the stupidest shoujos I read (sounds crazy, I swear not all girls are like that) and I bet it wasn’t just because of the empathy I had for the characters– unconsciously, self-pity must have been mixed in too. Lets not dwell on my disappointing lifestyle and move on to some recommendations! Continue reading

Listen to this! Sword Art Online ED 2…

So I (finally) finished Sword Art Online. Its OP 2 and ED 2 are so awesome, they’ve gotta be one of the best i’ve ever heard! And because I liked them so much, I kinda transcribed (in the most noob and improper fashion) ED 2, Overfly, and played it on the piano. So… here it is. Watch it please? Pretty pretty please? xD

HAHA SO. I know it ain’t that good, and there’re many mistakes, especially at the end, but I really love this song! If you want to hear the really good OP, you should listen to Tehlshter. This guy rocks. I actually wanted to play the OP, so I clicked on his transcription and was like “COOL. BUT HELL NO.” My piano skills aren’t that good and I take ages to learn a piece. So that was way too hard for me! Continue reading


aaaaaaaand ladies and gentlemen, this is the 100th post! *ADDS SPARKLES, FIREWORKS AND SCREAMS OF JOY!!* It’s strange to think that I really did create a blog, but i’m definitely glad I did. :D I’d just like to thank everyone here– especially the kind commenters who have always been around– without you guys I WOULD CRY!! You must know how delighted I am whenever I see such nice comments.

It’s… dazzling. And of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS (IN ADVANCE) GUYZ!!! ;) Continue reading

Anti-Anime Sentiments

Sometimes, when one reads manga too excessively, hungering purposelessly for more and reading it for the sake of reading it, one will feel sad. Then a post such as this one will be written after retrospection. Because right now I do feel sad and unproductive and stupid and i’m starting to want to hate anime. In my context actually, anime is a waste of time.

FFFFFFUUUUU no fuck me for saying that, but I really think so. What is anime? Anime is a hobby, an obsession just like many others out there like K-Pop, and anime is nothing special. An anime fan is pretty much the same as a Harry Potter Fan or a Twilight fan. Anime is entertainment, just as watching a movie is. And fact is, for my case at least, anime is a waste of a lot of time, period. Don’t you think that reading books is a much better option than watching anime? By reading books, you enhance your linguistic abilities, seek deeper thoughts and themes and get pulled in by the fantastic writing. Reading manga/watching anime is the lazy version of reading books. Too lazy to read all those pages, so instead, by reading manga, you get visual aids with conversational dialogue only.

How can reading manga be better than reading books? Books are definitely more beneficial. Continue reading

So It’s The School Holidays

Yup, the holidays have finally started. It feels terribly good to wake up at 9 in the morning in your soft bed hugging fluffy pillows and feeling completely refreshed. But i’ll also have to prepare for next year and at least read up and increase my knowledge because I need to do well in year 4!!! SO WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING THUS FAR?


I met Kuroko.

Okay obviously not the Kuroko but during a competition on Sunday, I met someone whom I couldn’t take my eyes off because HE WAS JUST THE LIVING, 3D VERSION OF MY DEAR KUROKO!!!! Continue reading