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Tolerance VS Acceptance (Prose-ish)

Haven’t we all realized? There’s a paramount difference between tolerance and acceptance, and upon reflecting I think that I have been tolerating more than I should have been, leading to a very nasty feeling stirring within me, right after I had a quarrel with my friend. In the end, both of us refused to back down, but I apologized. Why?

Positively thinking, I told myself that it was because I had valued the friendship more than my pride. But this was definitely a case of simply tolerance, for I did not accept her words at all. And there’s a limit to everyone’s patience.

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Dreams Are For Dreamers

You can feel your powerlessness

Inevitably slowing your pace

Who are you deceiving?

You can’t win this race

You chase like there’s no tomorrow

Like there’s nothing holding you back

You give it all you have

Only to be ridden with regret

You have inspiration, courage, energy

A will that cannot be broken

Only to lose, to collapse,

With the feet that couldn’t be shaken

Dreams are for dreamers

The word itself tells that

Before hard reality sets in,

Give up the dream you never had.

We were all born without wings. We can never dream of soaring, of escaping from this solid Earth. Dreams are simply illusions of reality. They might seem within reach, but you will never be able to grasp them.

I think that this was one of my better poems because it actually rhymes.

A Poem A Day Leads The Mind Astray

Not exactly poem but my prose-ish thing..  I’m gonna try and be committed to writing at least one a week and posting them here. It might not help, but I want to believe that doing this will improve my English or at least my creative side :P Well, but at least one thing is that I’ve put in all my emotions writing these (I only write when I feel a strong surge of emotions welling up) so at least when i’m older and I look back at them, I can laugh at how silly I was :) So here’s a short one for today! Continue reading