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DON’T Call Anime A Cartoon

I don’t know, maybe anime, which is truly an ‘animation’, may be a subset of cartoons or something. BUT! It just hits a terribly sore spot when you call it a cartoon because cartoons come with the general idea and connotation of being childish and… lame.

We were talking about The Girl Who Leapt Through Time which our whole family watched, and when referring to it, my mum called it ‘that cartoon‘. GOSH I was so irked. It might not have had awesome visuals, but the plot was so good it nearly made me cry and the soundtrack was awesome too! Speaking of other such great movies, those by Hayao Miyazaki are pretty good! I watched Howl’s Moving Castle and it was so strange but cool :) Yes and the theme song was pretty good. I’ll post it here.

You know, Sungha Jung (THAT FAMOUS GUITARIST THAT’S SO GOOD) actually played a cover of that song too but I thought that it sounded better on the piano :P

Okay, anyway moving on with life, yesterday night was terrible. Continue reading


Childhood (The Beginnings Of The Otaku)

I think that what makes an otaku develop into what he/she is would be the exposure to anime or related stuff, at an early age (maybe before 15). The early age thing is important, because I’ve realized that any later than that age and you won’t be able to succumb to the anime fandom. For example, showing your zilch-exposure-to-anime friends anime stuff can be traumatizing.

Something like this has happened before.

Me: ‘So, have you heard of anime?’

Them: ‘Huh? Anime? Oh, you mean anime? (omg, they pronounced it as enemy) Yeah I know about it! Naruto right? (that’s all they’ve ever heard of..)’

So anyway, it’s too late for them to be converted. Continue reading