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Horror– It Intrigues Everyone

So.. i’ve got manga recommendations.

Hah. Why is Kougami here– of course it’s because he has that badass hero appearance!

I’ve recently been fascinated by the horror genre, and went on a rampage for such manga. There were many sick ones, lame ones, mild ones, but finally i’ve found two that were really enthralling. The intrinsic curiosity that draws us to gore is nothing special, just primitive. Nowadays seeing acts of violence is fairly common anywhere on the web or in games, and this is translating to real brutality in everyday life. Continue reading


Spring Anime 2013!

G-guess what’s arriving soon? GUESS!

No, it’s not my cute little sister (that’s due in like 5 more months)– OF COURSE IT’S THE BATCH OF NEW ANIME COMING OUT THIS SEASON!! Are you excited? Here’s the chartripped off from Neregate haha. Click to see a huge image! Continue reading

The Day I Woke Up At 12 AM

You know how at times, when you fall asleep with a shitload of uncompleted work awaiting you, and your wise brain plus concerned conscience decides to wake you up at 12am to give you a chance of redemption, a chance to clear away those terrible assignments? Well, it happened to me, and I had the choice or doing either Physics homework or Math exercises or Chinese worksheets or an English quiz or a thousand other of such chores. So, what did I do?

…I read manga of course.

Sigh, I felt just like the time I created this blog months ago– unmotivated and shitty. Anime was like a refuge, but also a pitfall. Anyway, I was emotionally unstable and crying at even the stupidest shoujos I read (sounds crazy, I swear not all girls are like that) and I bet it wasn’t just because of the empathy I had for the characters– unconsciously, self-pity must have been mixed in too. Lets not dwell on my disappointing lifestyle and move on to some recommendations! Continue reading

Great Manga

Uhhhhhhh YO! I’ll be recommending some really good manga (well as usual there’s romance in all of them but it’s not the main genre for some :P) so… READ THEM!!

1. Venus Kisoukyoku

This one is awesome. It’s longer than the usual shoujos I read (29 chapters!) and I was afraid that I would get bored of repetition and cliches BUT NO. It was superb, with bishies, an interesting storyline, and of course, THE FINEST CHARACTERS!! The characters weren’t shallow (well.. it’s 29 chapters after all xD) and each character had a personality. I loved the female lead. She’s one of the rare strong types, damn cute, and pretty. The male lead is CUUUUTE!! \o/ I like all of them!

READ THIS GOOD SHOUJO.  Continue reading

More Shoujo Goodness

A friend of mine recently asked me why I liked shoujo romances so much. My first thought was actually that maybe I, as teenage girls do, craved for some affection from the opposite sex, and satiated myself through manga. But I realized that I didn’t really feel such a longing for romance, and instead it was the vivid art and story of shoujo manga itself that hooked me so much. Shoujo art can be so poignant, and the characters are extremely expressive, which can lead me to get really emotional. Because of such display of emotions, it’s easy to get engrossed in the story and enjoy it. Plus most shoujo manga are usually short with happy endings, so they give instant gratification! All hail shoujo.

I’m gonna recommend some shoujos that I think are really nice!
Continue reading

Random Recommendations

So here’s some really random recommendations for y’all! Go on, be amazed by them!

1. Knite

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but it’s a series of really good flash comics by a talented author, Yuumei. You can read chapter 1 here. And in fact you should go on to read all of her flash comics because they’re really amazing and meaningful!

Ain’t this so pretty?! It’s one of her works. If this isn’t pure genius then nothing is. You must really go stalk her deviant art account and be impressed.

Continue reading

Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai!

Holy shit hahaha EVERYONE HAS TO WATCH THIS ANIME!!!! It’s damn good, hilarious, fast-paced, interesting and has nice visuals. Thing is, it’s kinda relatable for me and many others too i’m sure! xD

It’s about this guy, Yuuta (the main character) who HAD chuunibyou, some sort of “8th-grade syndrome” where adolescents with overly active imagination think of themselves as different (unlike you mere mortals). Continue reading