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The Day I Woke Up At 12 AM

You know how at times, when you fall asleep with a shitload of uncompleted work awaiting you, and your wise brain plus concerned conscience decides to wake you up at 12am to give you a chance of redemption, a chance to clear away those terrible assignments? Well, it happened to me, and I had the choice or doing either Physics homework or Math exercises or Chinese worksheets or an English quiz or a thousand other of such chores. So, what did I do?

…I read manga of course.

Sigh, I felt just like the time I created this blog months ago– unmotivated and shitty. Anime was like a refuge, but also a pitfall. Anyway, I was emotionally unstable and crying at even the stupidest shoujos I read (sounds crazy, I swear not all girls are like that) and I bet it wasn’t just because of the empathy I had for the characters– unconsciously, self-pity must have been mixed in too. Lets not dwell on my disappointing lifestyle and move on to some recommendations! Continue reading


Maoyuu Maou Yuusha And The Facepalm-Inducing Hero

Oh god, the Hero.

Look, look at that thing! I shall go on to elaborate more, but let me begin from the start of the anime… Continue reading

More Romance And My Selfish Thoughts

I have returned, with more… shoujo. Oh shoujo! It is thee that bestows upon us young, fair maidens with multitudes of dreamy delusions, subtly drawing out our delicate emotions and tears with such innocuous and poignant tales. At the finale, the point where one story ends and the search for another begins, I can only feel saudade, such bitterness but also contentment.

…what’s up with that pretentious, flowery diction you say?! Do not be alarmed, farmer. It is merely an attempt, a valiant, honest effort at sounding cultured. Begone, vulgarities! Vocabulary, I shall uphold thee upon your righteous name! …okay I shall move on. Continue reading

Reasons Why The Anime Jerk Always Gets The Girl

You know it. Whenever you start a shoujo manga, and you get introduced to some rich, arrogant and perfect prince (of the school), someone the heroine either hates or admires, that she is ultimately going to end up with him. It doesn’t matter how many nice-guy-rivals there are to obstruct their dramatic romance. Haughty guys gets the girl any day.

There’s a simple reason for this: WE NEED A STORY, DUH!!! If the girl gets together with a nice guy and they start an ideal and peaceful relationship, how’s our story going to develop?! Sure, there might be circumstances that break them apart, but since the guy is so nice, he’ll solve all the problems, comfort and love the girl, and the conflict is easily resolved. We can’t have such a simplistic story– readers want more. They need excitement, they need to get their emotions messed up and get caught up in the riveting plot. Continue reading

More Shoujo Goodness

A friend of mine recently asked me why I liked shoujo romances so much. My first thought was actually that maybe I, as teenage girls do, craved for some affection from the opposite sex, and satiated myself through manga. But I realized that I didn’t really feel such a longing for romance, and instead it was the vivid art and story of shoujo manga itself that hooked me so much. Shoujo art can be so poignant, and the characters are extremely expressive, which can lead me to get really emotional. Because of such display of emotions, it’s easy to get engrossed in the story and enjoy it. Plus most shoujo manga are usually short with happy endings, so they give instant gratification! All hail shoujo.

I’m gonna recommend some shoujos that I think are really nice!
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Random Recommendations

So here’s some really random recommendations for y’all! Go on, be amazed by them!

1. Knite

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but it’s a series of really good flash comics by a talented author, Yuumei. You can read chapter 1 here. And in fact you should go on to read all of her flash comics because they’re really amazing and meaningful!

Ain’t this so pretty?! It’s one of her works. If this isn’t pure genius then nothing is. You must really go stalk her deviant art account and be impressed.

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