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Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 10: Saki’s Rape

Gosh, such a controversial episode that I just had to talk about it!

My, my! Perfect timing!

My, my! Perfect timing!

Darkest episode of Valvrave ever as rape comes into play. Not to mention that the scenes were so vivid (obvious thrusting) and ugly, probably meant to scar viewers. Some people are screaming rape, some people are angry because they think this sudden development isn’t necessary. Continue reading


The End of Project K

FUCK MY LIFE. That moment just killed it for me.

That precise moment, all music stopped, and all attention was on Mikoto. Then Shiro. And then tears started flowing uncontrollably, I couldn’t believe it, and my heart was throbbing wildly. I was breathless. ——IS WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SAY. But due to fucking circumstances like the video pausing to buffer many times, as well as accidental spoilers of the ending from stupid facebook newsfeed, I didn’t feel much at that climatic moment and in fact I was like “oh okay. That was not cool.”

DAMN ME. Continue reading