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SORRRRYYYYYY ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!! I’m just frustrated because the puny pathetic painful one-week March holidays are as good as gone and being the lazy ass that I am, no work had been completed. AND NOW I’M STRESSING. But still procrastinating. I swear I have the attention span of an ant and i’m just the epitome of an unproductive slob. No matter how far I think i’ve matured or gotten in life, i’m still the same old slouchy dreamer.

Okay I can’t give up on myself, so bye. But in case you haven’t heard of it, here’s something for all of you who are desperately hunting for bishies. The Swimming Anime. (You have got to watch the PV) I really hope it gets produced because the characters are just too dashing. Ok. I need discipline. Can. Can. Akikan. Can.

C’mon we can do this…..


A Short Post!

Hi!!! Haha this is not supposed to happen, but there’s this really strong urge to just post something here again even though I should not be distracted.

BUT GOOD NEWS, I JUST FINISHED MY MATHS ASSIGNMENT! Lol. Okay uhh.. these few days, i’ve been seriously determined to concentrate on the upcoming end-of-year exams. I wanna do well so that when it’s over, I can finally enjoy myself and not regret/worry about stupid mistakes that I had made. But this blog as well as anime keeps popping out in my thoughts –like its just there forever! xD So there’s this inner turmoil.

Do work…. check anime sites…. NO.  Continue reading

Umm.. Short Hiatus

Hey guys! *tumbleweed floats by…* So i’ve got a few things to say :)

Firstly, LOOK! WHAT DO YOU NOTICE NOW!? It’s large and long and definitely hard to miss. It’s….. new banners/headers!!! Aren’t they all so pretty? xD Heh. Rei the awesome helped to edit them and made the design so well! (THANKS AGAIN!) I’ve added this new banner gallery page thing that can be found when you place your cursor over ‘the gallery’. How cool is that.

“Very cool,” she says.

Next, as the title of the post suggests, i’ll be going into hibernation hiatus for a short while BUT THE REASON IS TOTALLY LEGIT. Continue reading

Sweet Anime, What Have You Done!?

Uh-oh. Warning: this is gonna be another stupid rant about me, my life, and the terrible thing called homework which is haunting and persecuting me relentlessly. And of course, in the middle of this whole mess is the wondrous double-edged sword, sweet with a bitter aftertaste. ..And it’s…. ANIME.

OMG YES. I KNOW IT’S A BISHIE. CALM DOWN. I’ll just say this. Anime is freaking addicting and it has gotten worse ever since I found one whole pile of awesome anime to watch. I’ve been so excited just thinking about it, but one cannot expect to marathon anime and not have any negative repercussions. Of course, yes, homework and projects. Tomorrow, Monday, is an unexpected school holiday so my stupid Chemistry project (which I have no idea how to do and I haven’t started on it lol) is due then. And I shall not harp on the fact that I have no idea on what’s going on in class again.

I feel guilty, but I watch anime. AND HERE’S THE THING. My parents. Continue reading

Random Musings

So yeah hi! What do I feel like right now?

A terrible spoilt brat. And obviously it has got to do with homework. After all, that’s a 15-year-old student’s greatest nemesis, right? And it’s gotta do with the fact that it’s 2am. I’m turning nocturnal nowadays. Not that i’m complaining, but I get so tired and sleep in class. And I realized yesterday during recess that my classmates were passing down this message, which was to all stare at me. Yeah I was sleeping in an awkward position and I didn’t even realize my classmates’ evilness. Wait but that’s not the point. Continue reading

School Starts Again

Dreadfully, school reopens tomorrow.

Actually, I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. My life would go back to being an active, fully packed and productive one. And course add in the homework, stress, exams and tiredness.

Idk idk idk idk idk, having mixed feelings. But at least an active life sounds good. Human interaction is healthy though tiring. No more slacking off.

I don’t know.