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Seasons Come, Seasons Go

This season is ending, and with it my June holidays will end too. SOBS

So here’s my thoughts on this season and the upcoming summer anime.

oh joy, school life!

oh joy, school life!

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Glorious Japan (Pictures!!)

Okay! So last year during Nov/Dec (I can’t remember which month lol..), I went to Japan for a little more than a week and i’ll just post some (awesome) photos here for sharing and promoting purposes! Cuz’ Japan is really good!

Before we start, I’ve been to Japan a couple of times already but the first time I went, I remember hoping that it’d be super exotic.

Like totally different and anime-ish. But obviously it isn’t. Okay so.

Okay the picture might not look super good but I think that I have decent photography skills, considering that I only use an iPhone, okay! >:D HAHA just showing off. Continue reading