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Why People Hate Mikasa

Firstly, this is just my opinion. Secondly, I’d like to say that I haven’t been watching the anime although I did read the manga some time ago (so watching it is no fun– i’ll marathon the manga once it’s completed)! Pardon me if i’m being obvious but I just needed to rant about something.


Especially during the first two episodes (including a scene where Mikasa punched Eren), people started hating on Mikasa. Here’s some reasons why. Continue reading


Shingeki no Kyojin Ep 1: :'(

Plot summary: Titans. Man-eating titans are outside, while the humans are enclosed inside, lulled by a pretentious sense of safety because they’ve got a 50m wall protecting them. Guess they didn’t know that some titans are larger than 50m and can easily smash down their fragile line of defense.

This is one powerful anime. I’ve got to admit, the first two-thirds of the show was slightly disappointing because I had read the manga and anyone who has read the manga must know how freaking good this story is. And then, the climax blew me away.

Fucking Titans

Fucking Titans

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