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So It’s The School Holidays

Yup, the holidays have finally started. It feels terribly good to wake up at 9 in the morning in your soft bed hugging fluffy pillows and feeling completely refreshed. But i’ll also have to prepare for next year and at least read up and increase my knowledge because I need to do well in year 4!!! SO WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING THUS FAR?


I met Kuroko.

Okay obviously not the Kuroko but during a competition on Sunday, I met someone whom I couldn’t take my eyes off because HE WAS JUST THE LIVING, 3D VERSION OF MY DEAR KUROKO!!!! Continue reading


Random Recommendations

So here’s some really random recommendations for y’all! Go on, be amazed by them!

1. Knite

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but it’s a series of really good flash comics by a talented author, Yuumei. You can read chapter 1 here. And in fact you should go on to read all of her flash comics because they’re really amazing and meaningful!

Ain’t this so pretty?! It’s one of her works. If this isn’t pure genius then nothing is. You must really go stalk her deviant art account and be impressed.

Continue reading

Shoujo, Rape, and Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun

Let’s talk about Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun :D

A high-school romance (DUH. ANIME ROMANCES ALL OCCUR IN HIGH SCHOOLS) of a cold girl aiming to be the top student, and a violent but naive dude who’s smart without trying. Aren’t these type of naturally-smart-and-also-hot dudes getting on your nerves?! Continue reading

DON’T Call Anime A Cartoon

I don’t know, maybe anime, which is truly an ‘animation’, may be a subset of cartoons or something. BUT! It just hits a terribly sore spot when you call it a cartoon because cartoons come with the general idea and connotation of being childish and… lame.

We were talking about The Girl Who Leapt Through Time which our whole family watched, and when referring to it, my mum called it ‘that cartoon‘. GOSH I was so irked. It might not have had awesome visuals, but the plot was so good it nearly made me cry and the soundtrack was awesome too! Speaking of other such great movies, those by Hayao Miyazaki are pretty good! I watched Howl’s Moving Castle and it was so strange but cool :) Yes and the theme song was pretty good. I’ll post it here.

You know, Sungha Jung (THAT FAMOUS GUITARIST THAT’S SO GOOD) actually played a cover of that song too but I thought that it sounded better on the piano :P

Okay, anyway moving on with life, yesterday night was terrible. Continue reading

Arcana Famiglia

So there’s this really random anime that I really randomly chanced upon, and it’s Arcana Famiglia. Watching it made me smile :)

Currently there’s only 3 episodes out on Animeseason so I can’t really judge this. It’s not a very unique or interesting anime, but it’s exactly the type of story that I like :D Not your usual romance and shoujo. It’s about this girl who belongs in an organization full of vigilantes who are all ‘arcana-users’, which means that each of them have an individualized power (e.g. mind reading, invisibility, strength) which is allocated by some ‘card’. Continue reading