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Listen to this! Sword Art Online ED 2…

So I (finally) finished Sword Art Online. Its OP 2 and ED 2 are so awesome, they’ve gotta be one of the best i’ve ever heard! And because I liked them so much, I kinda transcribed (in the most noob and improper fashion) ED 2, Overfly, and played it on the piano. So… here it is. Watch it please? Pretty pretty please? xD

HAHA SO. I know it ain’t that good, and there’re many mistakes, especially at the end, but I really love this song! If you want to hear the really good OP, you should listen to Tehlshter. This guy rocks. I actually wanted to play the OP, so I clicked on his transcription and was like “COOL. BUT HELL NO.” My piano skills aren’t that good and I take ages to learn a piece. So that was way too hard for me! Continue reading