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Oh The Horror (Seinen Recommendations)

So.. it’s 1am now, and I’ve just finished reading Eternal Sabbath, a seinen manga. I’m going to recommend two seinen mangas here, but before that, I AM FREAKING SCARED RIGHT NOW!!! Omg, this brings me back to why I should never read horror manga especially at night. I’m just all paranoid about monsters and psychotic killers now. Now don’t you worry, I’m not talking about gory and disgusting manga like.. Ichi the Killer? The first one is quite mild (and not horror but still a cool seinen).

Okay so you see this cool looking dude here? Good. Read Eternal Sabbath. Continue reading


The Truly Talented

You know, I’ve always wanted to be in a band (hey, I play the piano, though I know nothing about the keyboard xD). It always seems so badass and cool when you get to play whatever you want, whenever, in a band with friends. This desire got even stronger after I watched k-on! You know, that super cute band anime that I bet has inspired thousands.

In the anime, they look much cuter and more chibi but hell, the sight above is exactly part of what I’ve always wanted to be and somehow can never be :( Continue reading

Otakus Unite

Greetings, wanderers. I’m simply another anime and manga lover here to openly express my obsession with them. Peace.

Me, I personally am absolutely addicted to anything anime-related. Despite countless attempts to curb my addiction, anime evidently grips me tighter than my resolve, so here I am. I love those beautiful girls with iridescent eyes and cute expressions, as well as dashing and cool guys (oh, did I ever mention my fetish about silver-haired guys with heterochromia-eyes with different colors- and either wielding a badass weapon or with supernatural powers. I simply adore that type!).

Dashing boys, aren’t they? Well, besides manga/anime, I also enjoy webtoons (Yes, Noblesse, yes.) and I love hearing Vocaloid songs and somehow, their lyrics are always more meaningful to me.

Basically, I’m an otaku and I’m here, just passing by :)