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Rivalry Against K-pop, Because Anime.

LIFE IS GOOD! I just came back from Malaysia today and shopping there was so fun. And there were two anime shops there…….. that played K-pop songs– i’m not anti-K-pop or anything but there’s always this sort of obligatory animosity towards K-pop when you’re an anime fan. Doesn’t anyone else feel it?! Before I start ranting, let me try to illustrate my dilemma.




Look at them both. Look at the first, beautiful, irresistible being and kowtow. T Then stare at the second bishie with his smoldering, arrogant gaze and his lithe figure. Continue reading


Tolerance VS Acceptance (Prose-ish)

Haven’t we all realized? There’s a paramount difference between tolerance and acceptance, and upon reflecting I think that I have been tolerating more than I should have been, leading to a very nasty feeling stirring within me, right after I had a quarrel with my friend. In the end, both of us refused to back down, but I apologized. Why?

Positively thinking, I told myself that it was because I had valued the friendship more than my pride. But this was definitely a case of simply tolerance, for I did not accept her words at all. And there’s a limit to everyone’s patience.

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