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Be it a question, a comment, feedback telling me that I suck or what, ask/tell me something here, and I shall answer.


29 thoughts on “Ask Me Something!

  1. Bellixora

    Hi there, what anime would you recommend? Our types seem similar! And erm random, but what is your favourite book?

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      (yay a question!) Thanks! As for now I think Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun is pretty damn good– there’s slight romance and supernatural creatures/demons/spirits and the characters are cool! Totally my type, since it’s also set before the modern Japanese era. Not to mention that the visuals are most delightful (heh).

      As for my favourite book.. i’m not too sure, but I’ve recently finished Ender’s Game and I thought that it was awesome. You should give it a try.

  2. LadyAyame

    Hello there! I really enjoy reading your blog. It’s interesting and I love getting recommendations for new anime and manga! I thought it would be rather cool to start a blog of my own, but… I always feel like there is nothing exciting in my life to talk about. Some things I can think of and I know I would also like to add anime and manga reviews. So maybe I will start one sometime soon :) Anyway, where did you go to make this blog? And is it free? Also, where do you get some of your AMAZING anime pictures?? Just Google or something?

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Hey thanks!! I definitely would wish to read your blog, so go create one! You can take your time and share anything you want, and i’m sure ideas will come. Yessss anime and manga reviews are great so when you’ve created your blog you must tell me your link! Eh, I created my blog on wordpress and it’s free haha. I mostly get my pictures from zerochan— some of the best fan art are lurking down there! All the best to you :D

      1. LadyAyame

        Thank you! I will definitely send you the link. Although… That rings up another question. Is there a way to send you the link in a private message or do I just gotta post on here? O_o

      2. LadyAyame

        Oh, dear… It’s hard coming up with a blog name, though! O_O I know it’ll have lot’s of anime/manga reviews, but it’ll have some other stuff from my life, too… I thought having Otaku in the title would be good, too, but I don’t wanna steal anything v_v’ Dang…

      3. Aleris Celt Post author

        Haha you can email me the link at: –sounds super lame I know, but I thought it was cool when I created it! Typical. YES YES I know coming up with blog names are hard! Because it’s gonna stick with you forever so you’ve gotta think of something special for yourself, something interesting. Okay, good luck heh. Creating a blog (for the first time, I assume) might be confusing, but you’ll slowly learn how to navigate your way through and then it’ll be fun (:

        May the odds ever be in your favor! May the blessings of anime shine through the darkest nights and give you strength for your every endeavor! (that was lame)

      4. LadyAyame

        Hey there! It’s really been awhile! I had a lot going on for a long time… But anyway, I am actually going to start a blog soon! And I know you use wordPress. But I was wondering if you use or .com? And if it’s .com, how is it? is there enough customization options for a simple blog? And I was also looking at Weebly, but I’d like to know how you feel about WP :)

  3. bombsandsatellites

    Ahh anime and manga is just awesome. lurv it. Anyway haha I was just wondering if you’ve seen Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke. It’s new and it’s fricken badass.
    ~Also same as you, I’ve read and watched almost all the romance/shoujo manga and anime out there that I now feel lost…I practically inhaled all of it. Aaand I’m wondering what your all time fave manga is? Mine is MARS. Later! :)

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      OH OH you just reminded me of my failed quest to start watching Zettai Karen Children! Here i’ve been wondering what good anime there is to watch and forgot about it. And it seems totally my type, action + supernatural *_* And MyAnimeList says of Kyosuke Hyoubu: one of the most powerful ESPers… behind that glare lies a kind heart. DAMN THAT TOTALLY APPEALS TO MY SHOUJO HEART!

      And what is it about some Andy guy and him? ;) Great, i’m definitely gonna watch this when i’m free. Haha shoujo and romance is just super addicting right? I’ve read MARS and it’s really good! But for romance manga actually i’ve moved on to josei (LET ME INTRODUCE TO YOU THE 3 QUEENS/KINGS: Ohmi Tomu, Enjouji Maki and Yoshihara Yuki) and I like Hapi Mari and and Barairo My Honey a lot! It’s hard to decide on a all-time favourite. But I think it would be a webtoon, Noblesse. Webtoons are awesome. Sigh i’m still looking for a perfect female lead like Ichi. Yes manga and anime are awesome! But homework comes first (DID I JUST RUIN THE MOMENT– but i’m in a crisis now due to addiction so) \o/

  4. bombsandsatellites

    Yoshihara Yuki is amazing and HILARIOUS. Itadakimasu, Aisuru Hito, and Darling wa Namamono ni Tsuki are gold. Hapi Mari just ended *sad face* it was so good!
    Lately I’ve been doing my homework and then staying up late to feed my addiction- so not good at all. Right now I’m forcing a detox on myself haha.
    My fave female lead (though not romantic at all, really) is Revy. I totally ship Revy and Rock. Wanted to see more romance. >.<

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Yesssss! Haha btw I did finish Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited (don’t ask me why I wasn’t doing homework xD) AND HYOUBU NEEDS A HUG. Damn that Kaoru for sticking with Minamoto when Hyoubu needs her to be the future queen! But then again I didn’t watch the original series so I can’t judge the character’s actions.

      Revy is just badass. (OH YEAH HI-5!!!) Rock is cute and not bad but Revy is on a whole new level. Another cool female would be Ran from Hana no Kishi! Hey good job! x) kudos for doing your homework before slipping into the deep pit of anime… let’s do this. Let us draw determination and courage from any random shounen hero (do you hear me Natsu– that dude from Fairy Tail never gives up, never dies). OSU!

  5. Debaucherous Tea Party

    How do you feel about the newest SAO II episodes? Actually, how do you feel about the GGO arc, as well as the Calibre arc in general? I’m asking this because I used to adore Sword Art, and the scene at the end of the very first episode where Kirito runs away from the town straight at a charging wolf whilst swearing to survive is forever ingrained in my memories and it’s right there and then I decided to support the series till the very end. So far, I’ve honored that declaration and like most fans was ecstatic when a second season was announced at the beginning of the year. But personally, I feel like SAO has a turn for the worse. I realise that the anime adaption is fairly faithful to the light novels and I have no complaints about the animation itself, but I can’t help but notice the steady increase of fanservice and the focus of the series has changed. I’m usually fine with fanservice here and there, and can even put up with quite a large amount provided other aspects of the show are top notch. However, that scene in episode 15 of Asuna in the bath just felt…wrong, I suppose? Call me a prude or whatever, but I just didn’t feel 100% comfortable with that scene. To be honest, to me it was entirely unnecessary. We get it. There’s no need to drive the point home every episode. I’m not even gonna talk about Kirito’s harem. I really, really liked Sinon’s character and her abilities as a sniper are badass to the core. However, I’m getting tired of pretty much every introduced female character developing some semblance of feelings for Kirito while being used as fanservice. Like come on, even the nurse (forgot her name) wanted a piece of that. I realise that this is turning into a rant and you’ll probably get bored of reading it but I needed to vent a little. Also, the fights. I don’t know whether it’s because they’ve lost that sense of urgency and desperation present in the first season because they’re no longer in a death game, but the fights just feel like embellishments rather than actual battles, if that makes sense. I just can’t take them seriously anymore? I guess I’m just hoping you’ll disagree with me on this and make excuses for the show that will make all the decisions they’ve made so far seem justified, because at the moment I’m quite disappointed with some of what’s being aired so far. Hopefully once they get started on the official Alicization arc things will pick up again.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Oh shit oh shit, I’ll have to apologise to you because I haven’t watched SAO II haha! So i’m afraid that i’ll appear as bullshitting with empty words, but i’m just gonna give my two cents anyway. Fanservice is a huge turn off for me, and I shun every anime that panders and subscribes to the belief that flashing boobs and panties are necessary in anime. Plus the harem concept never appealed to me (possibly because i’m female?)… that and fanservice come hand in hand in destroying the anime by making it so absurd while deviating from the storyline.

      And your point about the fights being embellishments rather than actual battles sounds pretty legit! At this point I have zero credibility since I haven’t watched the SAO II, but it seems plausible since SAO II NEEDS to have fights as per its plot as well as to continue enthralling the huge amount of fans who want to see some action. But I guess without the factor of characters dying in reality if they die in game, death is simply trivalized– you’re right, there’s no more intense desperation or vehemence in intent since the characters aren’t pushed to their very limit. However, you probably know that i’m completely bullshitting by now because ultimately I don’t even know what’s going on in the show HAHA. Oh well, thanks for your comment though! Hopefully the next arc does get better :)

  6. Eu-kun

    Domo.. ( ^^)/…….I reakly need some advice and opinions…. (“^D^)>…..
    U see …anime (being an otaku) reallynis a time consuming hobby… (“–)
    So I was wondering how can I balance my social (school works) and my otaku life…
    Guahh…its really fraustrating.. when im at class I just cant take my mind off it..

    Its really hard to manage ur time… (“-o-) sigh*

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Yo, sadly, real life is always the priority and you need a shitload of discipline to force yourself to stay away from anime when academics really matter! Haha i’ve tried and failed so many times already and all I can say is… indulge when it isn’t an important period (no major exams coming up that year) and DON’T guilt-trip yourself because it just ruins the experience. Set a limit for yourself, and after a certain period of satisfying yourself, go study and don’t look back. Nostalgia and desire will hit you hard when you see anime stuff irl or even just hear Japanese songs, but please stay strong and remember what you really want to pursue!

      Social life shouldn’t be as big of a problem, since it’s something enjoyable, and maybe try to actively seek opportunities to connect with more people as well! All the best mate.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      They didn’t get together haha but they had a good ending– Shoko as a pilot, and my dear ERUERUFU as a political leader of some sorts, if my memory serves me right.

      Damn, I miss Valvrave! I haven’t watched anime in so long man :’)

  7. Hiromi

    I have a questions and it’s a big problem>_< Okay I have a friend in my anime club and he is very annoying and he won't stop making random Naruto references and he says the only anime he will watch is ones with fan service and harems…he even talks shit about a bunch of other animes that I love a lot so please help thanks.^_^


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