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Eren Jaeger Is Pulchritudinous

What do you think pulchritudinous means? Something negative? …No, how could you ever think that i’m insulting the lovely, dashing Eren?!?!


Yeah basically it means hot (is he not?) but that term is too mainstream. Hey, I learnt that cool new word from the national spelling contest! How cool is that.

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The Username Dilemma

Omgzzz. Online usernames are really hard to decide on right?! Every time I play a game I’d always take really long to decide on my character’s name. After all, names aren’t trivial, and I need an elegant and cool one suited for my character!! Haha I was reading this interesting post titled Chuunibyou and Embarrassing Online Names and recalled awkward usernames that floated around the virtual community. Continue reading

A Girl’s Emotional Turbulence

It could be PMS, or maybe it’s just my pent up feelings as a girl (I don’t know about guys). But there are times in this world that I just feel so screwed up, so stupid and so empty. Maybe it’s a major teenage identity crisis again, but I’ll never forget the dark periods in my life this year and last year when I couldn’t even say that I was alive.

I was seriously like that, during the end-year exam period last year. I didn’t see the purpose of me living and felt like absolute shit, because I had no purpose in life. I was completely absorbed by anime, but even while reading manga I was stricken by guilt because there were ongoing exams, but I continued reading. I just reading on and on. Continue reading