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Sweet Anime, What Have You Done!?

Uh-oh. Warning: this is gonna be another stupid rant about me, my life, and the terrible thing called homework which is haunting and persecuting me relentlessly. And of course, in the middle of this whole mess is the wondrous double-edged sword, sweet with a bitter aftertaste. ..And it’s…. ANIME.

OMG YES. I KNOW IT’S A BISHIE. CALM DOWN. I’ll just say this. Anime is freaking addicting and it has gotten worse ever since I found one whole pile of awesome anime to watch. I’ve been so excited just thinking about it, but one cannot expect to marathon anime and not have any negative repercussions. Of course, yes, homework and projects. Tomorrow, Monday, is an unexpected school holiday so my stupid Chemistry project (which I have no idea how to do and I haven’t started on it lol) is due then. And I shall not harp on the fact that I have no idea on what’s going on in class again.

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Bad apple

It somehow seems that its always Japanese songs that gets to me the most. I’ve listened to a whole range of English and Korean pop as well as classical music but in the end, there’s just this quality about Japanese singers with their unique voices and their song’s amazing lyrics that makes gives them their definite number one spot.

So I’m just gonna share this song ‘Bad apple’ that I chanced upon, and its from Touhou, a “bullet hell shooter” game series created by one single member (who calls it TEAM Shanghai Alice. Haha). This guy is hella awesome.

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