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Reasons Why The Anime Jerk Always Gets The Girl

You know it. Whenever you start a shoujo manga, and you get introduced to some rich, arrogant and perfect prince (of the school), someone the heroine either hates or admires, that she is ultimately going to end up with him. It doesn’t matter how many nice-guy-rivals there are to obstruct their dramatic romance. Haughty guys gets the girl any day.

There’s a simple reason for this: WE NEED A STORY, DUH!!! If the girl gets together with a nice guy and they start an ideal and peaceful relationship, how’s our story going to develop?! Sure, there might be circumstances that break them apart, but since the guy is so nice, he’ll solve all the problems, comfort and love the girl, and the conflict is easily resolved. We can’t have such a simplistic story– readers want more. They need excitement, they need to get their emotions messed up and get caught up in the riveting plot. Continue reading


Living The Secret Otaku Life

Hi fellow otakus.. I don’t know if you go through the same thing as I do.

I’m not ashamed of my love of anime/manga but I somehow find it embarrassing when people (especially those who don’t know a thing about it) find out and talk about me reading manga. Idk, sounds contradictory, but it’s like an involuntary response.

Main example: Closing/switching tabs and plugging out earphones whenever family tries to look at what i’m seeing on my laptop. Next one is really aggravating. Whenever my friends and I go to Comics Connection (..they go see the K-pop stuff), I have to resist the urge to look at the huge collection of mangas and cool keychains. I just avoid anything anime-related when i’m with them.. Continue reading

Anime Awesome Art

AAA! Alliteration! (And I think there’s a shojo manga called ‘AAA’ that i’ve read before xD)

Anyway, this is quite a pointless post to make but i’ve just have to say that anime styled art is the most gorgeous type of art/drawings! I’ve become so acquainted to them that I subconsciously look out for any hints of this art form and I just adore anything to do with them! I wonder what makes them so brilliant :)

(Before any weird copyright issue ever pops up, I’d just like to say that my art sucks and there is no way that any of these brilliant images are mine. They all belong to someone else) Okay. While this might not be the most perfect or ideal shounen in mind, ain’t he just drool-worthy? I just cannot explain it but the moment I see a drawing in anime form, I get sucked in immediately. Now to find a partner for this Mr Handsome.

Now this girl. (Yes the b…boobs are bothering me. No i’m not into those type of things!) I guess its the eyes- I always love how their eyes are so beautiful and so clear. Oh and of course what exclusively belongs to anime-styled art would be their ability to look fabulous in any hair and eye color. Now that’s a feat. Few cosplayers actually look good when wearing colored wigs. And the expression. Dang. I just love them! Continue reading