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Akame ga Kiru

This is it. You absolutely cannot miss out on this manga!! A rare treasure that i’ve finally unearthed!!!!!!

So I was feeling bored and unloved, and hence set off on a quest to find a beautiful shoujo that would make my heart thump and my cheeks redden (no, that never happens. I only get shivers when a manga becomes too good for me xD). And obviously while searching for the romance/shoujo/comedy genres I scrolled through every page and realized, “WTH. I’VE ACTUALLY READ THEM ALL. EVEN THE CRAPPY ONES.” Shoujo manga otaku, indeed.

BUT THEN, while I let my options run more broadly and only checked the ‘romance’ tag, I FOUND IT. A GOOD MANGA. AKAME GA KIRU!!!!

(No, this is a totally unrelated picture of Kuroshitsuji. A cute picture was required to get into my extremely happy mood now.) Continue reading



Holyland is a manga that’s shounen to the core, complete with the young hero Yuu who has an amazing spirit and tough resolution, with a storyline full of mixed martial arts and action.

AHH DAMN, IT WAS AWESOME!! Its basically about our hero who got bullied and felt like he didn’t have a place in the world, so he went out to the streets. And to stay in a world full of thugs and violence, of course he had to fight. This is definitely a manga worth reading, and it’s so inspirational too!

Shounen heroes like Yuu always seem to never back down, and despite any weak moments, they always have the fierce determination and iron will that will help them achieve anything, despite all odds. And of course, friends and comrades who add in a little too much of a bromance element will always support him ;) Continue reading